Welcome “karibu” to Tabora (Mboka or Kazeh) and to Uyui- by Maganga Feruzi

The map of Tabora Tanzania, Mboka or Kazeh (magangaferuzi@gmail.com)

Thanks for visiting this site and you will never regret.Welcome to this wonderful and informative site of Uyui. Uyui is at the heart of Tabora Region (Young Generations called it- MBOKA and Elderly they used to KAZEH) in the western part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Not many people are aware of its beauty and the compassionate of its people. The Wanyamwezi, a popular tribe whose people are lovely and full of aptical culture that is demonstrated by their simple life. Wanyamwezi are the local residents of Tabora.Karibu (welcome) to Uyui so that you can learn the untold story and the wonderful lifestyle of Wanyamezi Tribe (Wanyanyembe, Wakonongo, Wasumbwa etc).

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Uyui: Wishing You a Prosperous 2016

Dear all
We appreciate for the cordial support you have accorded to Uyui during the year 2015. We wish you all the best in 2016. With God’s wish, we will be bringing more informative news, untold information and other creative stories about Tabora, most of which you have never had. Sharing is caring. We appreciate all those who took their valuable time, to share with us something worthy about Tabora, Uyui, good life about Tabora and related issues.
For us, history is not the past, but a reference point and something worthy enough to take well educated people and elite to spent their time to took into the past. We shall be looking for BOTH, THE PAST AND FUTURE. Asanteni sana. Karibuni sana. Kama kuna yeyote anacho cha ku-share atupatie na kwa ridhaa yake tutashare.



Tabora and its bicycles. When you came across with more bicycles then you are there.

Its All about The Place

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Uyui: Tabora na Taswira yake

Uyui: Picha na Taswira za Mboka kwa Nyakati tofauti


NSSF ILIANZA KUPENDEZESHA TABORA Shirika la Taifa la Hifadhi ya Jamii (NSSF) Lilikuwa miongoni mwa Mashirika ya Mwanzo kabisa kuwekeza Tabora ujenzi mkubwa.


CRDB TABORA Benki inayosikiliza Mteja CRDB Nao hawako Nyuma, Ofisi yao inatazamana na Uliokuwa uwanja wa Chipukizi. picha kwa hisani


rafiki guest house Enzi Hizooooo!!!!! Nyumba ya kulala Wageni iitwayo Rafiki. ilikuwa maeneo ya Stendi ya zamani ya Mabasi


Kuelekea Isevya Kuelekea Isevya, hapa ni maeneo ya stesheni


Uyui: Ahmed Amasha (DC Suleiman Kumchaya ndiye alimpa Jina “Mathematician” Likadumu

"The Mathematician"

The Mathematician”

Ahmed Abdul Thabit Maarufu kama Amasha, ni mmoja wa wachezaji wachache mahiri ambao klabu ya Yanga na Taifa hili limeweza kuwapata katika historia ya Soka la nchi yetu. Beki Mahiri, mwenye akili na ujuzi ambaye ni mmoja wa Nyota kadhaa waliong’ara katika ulimwengu wa Soka la Tanzania wakitokea mkoa wa Tabora. Wengine wachache ni pamoja na Abdallah mwinyimkuu (Pele wa Gongoni) na Marehemu Said Mwamba Kizota (RIP), Hamis Kinye na wengineo wengi ambao wametikisha katika Anga la soka la nchi hii na hata nje ya mikapa.

Amasha, kutoka mtaa wa Salmini, chemchem Tabora ambaye alipata masomo yake ya Sekondari katika Shule ya Kazima ya Tabora alikuwa akiitwa mathematician kutokana na uchezaji wake mahiri lakini sio wengi wanaojua chimbuko la jina hilo. Jina hilo lilitokana na jinsi Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Tabora Mheshimiwa Suleiman Omar Kumchaya wakati huo akiwa mtangazaji wa Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam (RTD) sasa hivi TBC TAIFA.

Ilikuwa ni katika mojawapo ya mechi za mpira wa mguu ambazo Mheshimiwa Kumchaya alikuwa akitangaza. lilitokea tukio moja ambao Ahmed Amasha alimpiga chenga mchezaji wa timu pinzani. Kwa namna aliyoipiga chenga ila Suleiman Kumchaya alitangaza redioni kuwa chenga ile kwa namna yoyote isingeweza kupigwa na mtu asiyejua hesabu. Alirudia kauli ile tena na tena na akasema kwa vyovyote iwavyo Ahmed Amasha ni lazima awe mwana mahesabu vinginevyo asingeweza kuipiga chenga ile. Tangu wakati ule jina la Mathematician likadumu na kustawi katika uchezaji wake mahiri katika soka.

Yapo mengi ya kujifunza kwa wachezaji wetu na yapo mengi ya kusimulia kutoka kwa vijana shupavu wa nchi hii wengi wakiwa kutoka Tabora ambao mchango wao katika Taifa letu utabaki kama kielelezo cha umahiri na kupigiwa mfano. Asante sana Ahmed Amasha Mathematician.

Uyui: A message from Dr Abdulghany, Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed, Ottawa, Canada Says:

Greetings to all Uyui Secondary School family and my thanks/gratitude to the initiators/maintainers of this blog. I just this week came across this blog. In fact, my wife drew my attention to the website she had bumped into while searching for something else. I must admit that going through the blog triggered/sparked and range of emotions: from sadness for the passing of important people in my life to nostalgia and fond memories of Uyui and Tabora.
I would first and foremost wish to extend my condolences to Mr. Patel’s and Mr. Kisanji’s families (albeit belatedly). I was very saddened to hear (to read on the blog) of their passing. I knew both Mr. Khandubhai Patel and Mr. Edwin Kisanji.
My name is Abdulghany Mohamed. I now live in Ottawa, Canada (since 1986). I last visited Tabora/Tanzania in 1988. I am an alumnus of Uyui Secondary School, Tabora (class of 1968-1971). The late Mr. Patel was my Headmaster (he taught me a course in Additional Mathematics) and Mr. Kisanji was a senior student ahead of us and did indeed return to teach at the school.
Although we had two streams I’ll try here to remember the names of some of my classmates. They included: Aden Ismail Shirwa, Alfred Mcharo, Ashok Kumar, Ashwin, Azmeena Jamal, Bilal and his brother, Enoch Kaseya, Ramadhan Hamis, Hansa Patel (sister of Jayant Patel), Harshad and his brother Bharat, Hasan Mushi, Ismail Aden Rage (current Tabora MP), Jonathan Matebele, Katwembala, Leonard Lameck, Mahesh Chauhan, Martin Zuberi, Merton Makinda, Mohamed Ali, Neela Joshi (Asmita Joshi’s younger sister), Noorjehan (Rhemtullah?), Pius Mwaisekela, Pushpa, Sambayao Nyasuru, Suresh Parmar, Sydney Dias.
That’s all I can recall for now . Sorry I have forgotten the last names of some students. Please help me to recall other names I have missed.
Senior students included among others: Cosmas Hinju, Onesmo Hinju, David Kisanji, Edwin Kisanji, and Thompson. The cohorts following us included, Baya Ramadhani, Lucas Nkondola.
I our teachers included Mrs Ashton (Form I English teacher from UK), Mrs Nazareth (Chemistry teacher from Tabora’s famous Nazareth family), Mr. Matthews (English teacher; had a photo studio not far from Uyui), Bro Andrew (Physics teacher from The Netherlands– I can still remember his updates on the Apollo Space mission – especially the tense moments of Apollo 13 and how he used the real world events to relate them with his physics lectures), Mrs Phillip (Biology teacher whose husband was the Tabora Regional Medical Officer at Kitete Hospital; I believe he later joined the Muhimbili Medical Centre/Faculty of Medicine in Dar es salaam) and last but not least Mr. Lukala.
I would be remiss to forget Mr. Maganga (senior school caretaker/custodian) who with Mr. Patel were always the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.
It would be an understatement to say that I fondly remember my days at Uyui. In fact, Uyui under Mr. Patel prepared me intellectually and socially. Academically, Uyui laid a solid foundation for not only my A-levels (1972-1973; Pugu Secondary formerly St. Francis College, Dar es salaam) but also for my subsequent undergraduate and graduate studies. Socially, my life was tremendously enriched through extra-curricular activities including my involvement in the singing choir, debating club, drama club, volunteer activities, etc.
I would very grateful if someone could kindly update me on how Uyui has honoured the legacy of Mr. Patel & Mr. Kisanji.
Sorry for the long post and all the best to everyone.
Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed.


Uyui: many thanks to Dr Abdulghany for this wonderful and exciting message

Uyui: Tanzania Muft Issa Bin Shaaban Simba passed away

THE Chief Sheikh, Mufti Issa bin Shaaban bin Simba, is dead. Alhaj Simba died on Monday morning at the TMJ Hospital in Dar es Salaam where he was undergoing treatment and will be laid into peace today.

It is a sad moment for the Moslem and Tanzanian Community in general, because during his lifetime the late Muft played a very big role in advocating all human-beings to perform good deeds, humanity, peace and love.

Taborians will always remember the late Muft because at times (long time) he used to visit Tabora town and learn religious issue from the late Haj Sheikh Rashid.  Uyui pays a tribute to the late Muft.

When such a highly knowledgeable leader passed away, definitely the community too, is losing the knowledge and wisdom he accumulated for many years. We are all from the Almighty  God and to him we shall return.

Uyui: Kazima Sekondari

Kazima SecKufungia Stori 1


A website about Uyui, Tabora heritages and the Wanyamwezi

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