It is good to see everyone getting on this blog. It brings the childhood memories back. Davinder – good to hear from you- I think we met in Nairobi as well. Somehow I didnot get your posting via e-mail. Vinay did tell me about you when I talked to him last week.

I studied Engineering in Bombay, India (1968 to 1976) and then came to US for Masters. I worked as an engineer till 1994 and started a business venture that has been good and bad at times. Shobhna – where are you?

I met your mom, Rambhamasi and Manoj in UK quite a few years ago. How are you and your family doing? I am in touch with Navnit – he is about 5 hours drive from me. Last I met Dilip was in Tabora about 1976. Batuk Chandarana – I remember you as well. Your late brother Vinod was in my class. Rashmi – how is your sister Chandrika doing? Good to see you all have settled well. If anyone of you is in US, feel free to come and visit me and my family. My wife, Shilpa, is with me in the business. My son, Ripal, will finish Dentistry this year and Daughter, Sapna, is a Doctor doing internship. Eventhough this is Uyui site, I would like to see all Taborians join in. I do not see info on any Khoja freinds – they seem lost. Anwar, Zulfikar, Nasim, Anil, Salim etc. Manoj Davda, Pradip Morjaria, Ashvin/Kishor Davda, Rohit, Suresh Pattni, Jayant, Attaulla, Innaytulla, Ashrafali, Majithia family, -where are you guys. Shobha Pattni is in Houston, Texas Shobha, Bindu Patel (Patel Stores) are also in Houston, Texas. We should all put our contact info in the reply so it is there at the time of need.

Ashok J Patel 1009 Morning Stroll Ln., Jacksonville, Fl 32221



  1. Anonymous Says:

    OMG…am happy that everybody remembers our Tabora…i call it my mother land

  2. mseyeki Says:

    I came up with a bigup congratulations to Uyui sec for being the oldest school in Tabora and all Uyui leavers.

  3. Zaynab salum Says:

    Mimi nimesoma hapo Advanced secondary education mwaka 2006-2008,nafurahi kuwasikia ninyi mlio tangulia kabla yangu.

  4. Zaynab salum Says:

    Woow,nimeipenda hii…kumbe uyui niyamuda mrefu hata kabla cjazaliwa!!

  5. Jayant vaitha Says:

    hello everybody,thank god we have lots of people who remember Tabora .Ashosk nice to see you here. Suresh good to know your comments.I was at kazima and Mr Panchal was my maths teacher-great person.Mr Lila made us toe the line.
    Ms lesque and mrs dick all of them deserve my thanks for what we are today. freinds mail me at keep in contact FB jayant vaitha

  6. Saeed Al Marjibi Says:

    I studied in tabora uyui secondary school, for months only in 1971,
    I am now in Oman, working in my country Parliament
    I call all Taborisms , hi , salaaaam to all

  7. Seema Chavda Says:

    Hi All Taborians
    Good to hear from old collegues, Miss Tabora!!!!!!!
    settled in the UK…..Ajay, Sunil and Muni all settled in the Uk.
    Of Course all chavda’s in London

    • Anonymous Says:

      Nice to hear from all Taborans. My name is Safik Remtulla (the Ice cream family) Nice to hear from you Seema …. I was in class with Ajay and Sunil at St Francis Xavier.
      I am residing in Toronto Canada


  8. mumtaz (lalani) Says:

    its good to see this site. brings a lot of memories. I am
    Anwars and salims sister,yes the pretty one. I finished school in uyui in 1978,and moved to canada. Anwar is in canada and salim in london uk.

  9. Suresh Pattni Says:

    Hi Ashok, so nice to come accross your blog while browsing. Have been talking to your cousin Paresh (Hemant) about you everytime we met. Last we met in Mwanza was at time you were looking for your mate Niranjan Mehta. Well that was it, thereafter everyone is lost. Jayant is in Dar, Firoz Bachoo and Parvez Noordin have passed. The Ullah brothers….Inaytullah and Attaullah lastly couple of year back had met them in Dar. No news now. Alnoor Devsi was in Bukoba many years back. the rest of Ismailies are in canada of course. It is nice knowing that Vinay is in Leicester. Yeh of course we should be having some contacts.

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