A Mwamala villager in Nzega district, Tabora region, Tano Sitta Katinda, has been arrested near Kahama’s CRDB branch for allegedly trying to sell his wife’s body parts.

Reports from Kahama said they included the head, breasts and private parts. The suspect tried to sell his wife’s body parts to police officers on guard at the bank, claiming it was ‘pork’.

Shinyanga regional police commander ACP Diwani Athumani told journalists by phone that Katinda was arrested yesterday at 09:00am.

The suspect arrived at the bank carrying a plastic bag in which he wrapped the body parts.

The RPC said when he showed the ‘meat’ to the police officers, they discovered he had a human head and other organs in the bag.

He also said before getting at the CRDB bank premises, he was seen at the bus stand and close to Kahama Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) headquarters and at NMB Kahama branch premises trying to look for customers.

He said the people advised him to go and sell his ‘meat’ to the police officers on guard at either CRDB or NMB banks.

“When he got at the NMB branch, he told the police officers he was selling pork. The police officers told him that they were Muslims and directed him to go to the police officers at the CRDB branch,” he said.

Commander Athumani, who is also Assistant Commissioner of Police, said after he arrived at the CRDB bank he showed his bag to them to see the meat and after they found it was not pork but human body parts they arrested him.

According to the RPC, when he was questioned he confessed that he was carrying his wife’s body parts by the name Kabula Luziga (18) from Itobo in Nzega district, Tabora region.

He said after he was questioned further, he confessed he had killed his wife a night before after she had fallen asleep.

“When being interrogated, the suspect said he heard from one radio station based in Kahama that such organs were needed and there were customers ready to buy them and that was when he killed his wife although when selling the body parts he referred to them as ‘pork’,” he explained.

He said the police were still investigating the matter including trying to find out whether the suspect was of sound mind or not.


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