Meeting Hall: From Nina to Shobna Patel, Kotecha and all Uyui of 1967

One thing that came into my mind when I was reading the message from Nina is the memory that She has, over 40 years. Thanks for your flash back. though this message appeared under Uyui Secondary school I deliberately bring it up-front for other just to have a look.

Hi all,
Glad to find this site – I left Tabora in 1967 – went to HR Primary school, and then to Uyui Sec school (1 year) – don’t remember much – I remember Mr Patel and his wife (brand new teachers from India) who came to teach at the school – the school was brand new for those of us who were not accepted at kazima sec school. i only remember very few of my classmates – Rashmi Bathia, jayshree Kotecha, Ila Davda, Nalini Majithia, Shobna Patel, Champa Patel, Dilip Patel, and Manoj Davda, and Sudhir(???). I remember Pattni family as they organized all the garba practises, and going on picnics in big open Lorries (buses) to some dam(?). please reply if anybody remembers me.
Naina Hindocha
PS I have been in Vancouver, Canada for last 37 years


3 Responses to “Meeting Hall: From Nina to Shobna Patel, Kotecha and all Uyui of 1967”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    if you have made the posibility to contact use

  2. sakthi Says:


  3. Sam Says:

    Hi naina
    Reading the names you have mentioned were in my class in Indian central school. I left for india in December 1963. My father was a train driver named mohan singh. We used to live in the railway quarters near the railway club.
    This might jog your memory other pupils in our class were inderjit singh, dilip Rajput , rajinder sharda
    Anyone who can remember or has any memories is welcome to contact me . By the way I was a Sikh boy with a bun and used to be called by the name of sati
    I am on Facebook as Satwant singh mohal

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