A Road to Tabora Airport BUT you may call it “Tabora education avenue”


This is a sign board of Tabora Teachers College it is on your right hand side just on way to the Tabora Airport. Opposite the road there is HR or Mwenge Primary School.

This is the road to Tabora airport.As you may notice tabora roads are avenues with the recent deforestration we shall be ending up with pictures of those roads if measures are not instituted by Municipal fathers. That was by the way, the main purpose of uploading this picture (courtesy by taabora.blogspot.com) is to remaind you that there are three strong academic insitution around the area you are viewing. The two are on your left hand side (HR or Mwenge Primary School and Uyui Seconday School) and the one on your right hand side (Tabora Teachers Collage) so one can start education at HR then to Uyui then to the College at a Zero distance!!! amazing. This is Tabora, full of suprises.


2 Responses to “A Road to Tabora Airport BUT you may call it “Tabora education avenue””

  1. ALLY E.MBALA Says:

    tafadhali naombeni msaadawenu nijiunge na chuo cha uwalimu mm nimemaliza 2015 nimepata four ya point 27 naweza kujiunga na chuo hicho

  2. ally e. mbala Says:

    nataka kujiunga na uwalimu nilikuwa naomba nafasi.

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