Do you remember how was your graduation day !!!!

The picture reminds me on the graduation days. Those days where there was no gown no anything apart from playing drama and have a small buggy dance. finish. Currently things are different especially in Africa where graduations level now starts even to children after they compleate nursery or kindergten school. Oooop!!! This however has no connetion with my Uyui WordPress girl Sarah Mihambo (left) and her sisters congraturating her after successful finishing her Ordinary level secondary education. Sarah Mihambo is a potential creative writter and I will be filling her brief dramatic stories once in a while. By the way the picture was just to remind you on your grauation day and how was it. Thank you.

ATCL opens wings to Tabora sky

Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) a public carrier has started operations in Kigoma and Tabora. most people are now very happy to have that lost opportunity came back. Speaking during TBC1 morning programme “Jambo Tanzania,” the firm’s Acting Managing Director Mr Paul Chizi said the scheduled flights follows the arrival of DASH 8-300 in the country from South Africa where it was undergoing regular maintenance checks. Mr Chizi said that the company has lined up a number of strategies to make it competitive in the aviation industry and to avoid past mistakes that cost it dearly.

“We’ve new strategies to be able to compete in the current setting, we regularly train our staff and we’re ready for the competition in the market,” he said.

“With capital from the government, it will be able to remain self-reliant and face competition but we also need Tanzanians to show patriotism and support the national carrier,” he said.
Uyui wishes ATCL all the best for considering Tabora as a choice to re-start its Services. Tabora is a historic town at most of historical and successful things have a bearing with it. ATCL you will never regret for your commendable resolve to extend your wings to Tabora and Kigoma.

Shirika la ndege la Tanzania ATCL limeanza huduma za usafiri wa anga kwa mikoa ya Kigoma na Tabora na wananchi wengi wameufurahi uamuzi huo kwa sababu huduma za usafiri wa anga kwa mikoa hii ilikuwa kama imesimama kutokana na sababu mbalimbali ikiwemo usafiri na hali ya uwanja ambavyo kwa sasa vimeboreshwa.

Fuel shortage: the reasons why Tabora opted for bycyles

This might not been comprehendable but Tabora was hitted by a shortage of fuel last week. The scarce of pertroleum product causes long queues to the filling stations as it seen from the picture from Sufiani Mafoto blogspot. To do away with such life Tabora opted to use By-cycles which for years made her people healthier(since they exercises) and further more the maintanance costs is relatively cheaper and affordable to many. Just have a look on the picture and assess the time wastage for other productive endervors.

Hili inawezekana lisieleweke kwa wengi lakini ukwelini kuwa Mji wa Tabora mwishoni mwa juma ulikubwa na uhaba mkubwa wa mafuta haliiliyosababisha misururu mirefu kamailinavyoonekana kwenye picha hii iliyochukuliwa kutoka kwenye blog ya Sufiani Mafoto. Tabora iliamua kutumia baiskelikwa kuepuka tatizo kama hili la kusubiria mafuta kwaajili ya pikipiki. Baiskeli ni nafuu na pia haina gharama kubwa ya kuitunza.Hivi ndivyo wakazi wa mji huu walivyaomua siku nyingi kitambo.picture by courtesy of Kapipi J

Mount Kilimanjaro: believe …its a new wonder of the World, most eyes have not seen!!

Just imagine a mountain with snow in the tropical area (just below south of the equator). Snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most famous and highest freestanding mountains in the world, rising from the north-eastern part of Tanzania. Kilimanjaro stands at 5,895 metres (19,336 feet) high above sea level. Kilimanjaro comprises 3 volcanoes of which the most famous (and the most recent), snow-capped dormant Kibo stands at 5,895 m (19,455 ft). The mountain is situated in the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania. The trek crosses five distinct vegetation zones, namely lower slopes, rainforest, heath and moorland, alpine and desert and the glaciers/summit. Within each zone there is an association between altitude, rainfall, temperature, plants and animals. The name Kilimanjaro, is thought to be a combination of the Swahili word Kilima, meaning “mountain,” and the Kichagga vernacular language word ’Njaro’, translated as “whiteness,” giving the name White Mountain itself.
just for God’s sake visit and vote for this unique mount from unique country Tanzania. A country that is United. Tanzania is a multi-Religious Country with multi-racial and over 120 tribes which make a diversity but United. When you came to Tanzania you will find Tanzanians speaking one language and all call each other brother. Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar stands as symbols and indentities of this beutfill land that welcomes all well wishers. Please dont forget to vote for mount kilimanjaro to become one of the 7th Wonders of the Word.
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A long shot of mount kilimanjaro that can be viewed some hundred kilometers away either by flight or just normal surface road.