ATCL opens wings to Tabora sky

Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) a public carrier has started operations in Kigoma and Tabora. most people are now very happy to have that lost opportunity came back. Speaking during TBC1 morning programme “Jambo Tanzania,” the firm’s Acting Managing Director Mr Paul Chizi said the scheduled flights follows the arrival of DASH 8-300 in the country from South Africa where it was undergoing regular maintenance checks. Mr Chizi said that the company has lined up a number of strategies to make it competitive in the aviation industry and to avoid past mistakes that cost it dearly.

“We’ve new strategies to be able to compete in the current setting, we regularly train our staff and we’re ready for the competition in the market,” he said.

“With capital from the government, it will be able to remain self-reliant and face competition but we also need Tanzanians to show patriotism and support the national carrier,” he said.
Uyui wishes ATCL all the best for considering Tabora as a choice to re-start its Services. Tabora is a historic town at most of historical and successful things have a bearing with it. ATCL you will never regret for your commendable resolve to extend your wings to Tabora and Kigoma.

Shirika la ndege la Tanzania ATCL limeanza huduma za usafiri wa anga kwa mikoa ya Kigoma na Tabora na wananchi wengi wameufurahi uamuzi huo kwa sababu huduma za usafiri wa anga kwa mikoa hii ilikuwa kama imesimama kutokana na sababu mbalimbali ikiwemo usafiri na hali ya uwanja ambavyo kwa sasa vimeboreshwa.


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