Upendo Bus services ensnared into bad road accident

Informed source told Uyui that a bus services belongs to Upendo (Upendo Bus Service) that serves Dar-Iringa route ensnared into a bad road accident this afternoon. Several passengers are claimed to sustain injuries while two are feared to be killed. It is claimed that the bus was subjected to am accident by two trucks that were overtaking one another on the other side of the road. Uyui is joining hand with all anti-accidents well wishers to support all responces and recovery efforts that is currently being employed.


One Response to “Upendo Bus services ensnared into bad road accident”

  1. geay Says:

    sitokuja hisahau hiii siku maana ndo ilikua siku yangu ya kwanza kupata ajali. real i was shocked after getting out of bus and knew that nimetoka salama. Mungu mkubwa

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