it happened in Tabora: Engine train run out of fuel

It was on 23 march 2012 where an engine train carrying passengers runned out of fuel in Tabora. The incident was reported to occur during the night between urambo and Usoke stations. The incident disappointed deputy transport Minister Hon Athumani Mfutakamba was reported yesterday in the local tv station TBC. Hon Mfutakamba who is one of Tabora MP.

Lorry Drivers in Africa: They either need more awareness or a Magistrate to make them quick learners

It is as if, the Drivers of vehicles packed in the road reserve are not aware of the signboard that restrict them to do what they did. If you were a law enforcer what action would you insitute? Educating them or just take them before the Court of Law?


Tired but with lots to tell…
By Sarah Mihambo – Wazo Hill Secondary School
It was on the 10th of April, 2010 we had an early wake that day, at exact 4:00 am all bags were outside waiting for the buses to arrive. We had our breakfast the teachers made a roll call and the students were divided into groups where later on each group was given a bus, our bus was the first to live the school gates but unfortunately had a mechanical problem and stopped after a short drive. It was fixed and later on we started moving. We used the Bagamoyo road because ubungo had traffic.
In the middle of nowhere our bus had another breakdown and this time it won’t start so we had to be fixed in the other buses, when we arrived at Msata it was already noon so instead of waiting for another bus we just got re-arranged and fixed in other buses. I was lucky to get a front seat just near the door so I was at least comfortable…
When we left school they had packed lunch boxes for us where us it was time to eat most of it was already spoiled. So I bought some snacks and the day passed. We had a rough trip going but finally we arrived. We were sleeping near Lake Manyara at Mto wa Mbu lodge. It was called and according to the name you can guess!! Full of mosquitoes!!
We arrived there at 4:00am and had to get up after one hour, so as others went to bed i just bathed and prepared my things and when they finally got up I was ready and so got the first seat in the bus as usual.
Remember I told you we were in groups well our group was the first to go visit ngorongoro while others visit Manyara, mmmmmh..! that place is beautiful ila the way to get there isn’t at all there were times I thought we were falling but the tour guide was smiling and assured us that no one has ever fallen, it was like going up Sekenke or even worse.
But down the crater we had fun but ngorongoro is not a crater it is a caldera with life in it, it’s amazing how the Massai are able to pass the same way the lions do, massai don’t wild meat and lions eat anything .But massai is also the elephants down there have tuskers twice as big than other elephants do this is because of the eruption that occurred, minerals of magadi and calcium was left on grass and water so whatever grows or is born there is affected by them[no wonder massai have strong teeth].
We also saw the only fresh water pond found on that area it was full of hippopotamus, we also saw animals like zebras, wild beasts these two are always together because the wild beast has a very high sense of smell and is a good tracker of food and the zebra has a very good memory. we also saw birds and the beauty of the planes the giraffe and the king of the jungle Mr. and Mrs. lion, he is the king because his the only animal that can sleep in the day or night and have sweet dreams meaning he it is not a prey to any other animal. The journey back up was scary as usual but we arrived safely…
As we were going out our bus was stopped by the guards because we were late but the family of five lions came to the rescue so the guards went back to their spots and the driver ran back into the bus and we drove away. By then the lions were a bit far from us
When we arrived we had a lot to tell. The next day we went to Manyara, it was fun we saw animals and different kinds of trees that animals eat and others that are used for medicine and poison in weapons. when we were between the bushes we came across an angry elephant it was hitting trees and running we had a scared teacher he ran from his seat in the front to the back the tour guide said we should stop the bus so us not to make noise but our teacher was so scared we had to drive away, later on we sat down and had lunch then headed back to camp…..
That night while waiting for the bus the Guard told us not to make noise because we were near a park and animals might be close by. People were silent but after some time voices were on air. Suddenly people were running and there was a moment of terror or under siege. Others shouted Chita and others tiger, later on when things were settled it was nothing but a cat. The next morning we cleaned and headed to Dar and at exactly 9:30pm we were in school. Tired but with a lot to tell……………
Written by Sarah Mihambo (16)
Form III Student at Wazo Hill Secondary School.

Children of different planet

I tended to believe and agree that the World we are living is a digital world untill I saw these two boys. To them, they are in a different world of different dream. Digital and info-age are rocket science of different planet. Distance is immaterial in this case because this picture was taken just 25 kilomters from the city center. We need to reduce the distance.

A Picture speaks 1000 times than words


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