News alert:Tsunami waves to hit Dar es Salaam coast today

The director of metrological Agency Dr Kijazi said today this afternoon that Dar coast will be hitted by Tsunami waves and cautions the public to take precautions. According to Dr Kijazi the incident is expected to happen at the Dar coast strip between 19:00 hrs EAT and 21:00 hrs East African Time. She was been interviewed trough phone by the National Television Station TBC.


6 Responses to “News alert:Tsunami waves to hit Dar es Salaam coast today”

  1. erick Says:

    is it 2012 apocalypse??

    • uyui Says:

      The alert was later cancelled

  2. ismail msuya Says:

    OMG This is is serious….. can smbody tell me how far from the ocean is safe?

    • uyui Says:

      Thanks to God. The alert was cancelled and there was nothing harm save for the long traffic jam as everybody was rushing home despite the cancellation

  3. Sahil Aggarwal Says:


    • uyui Says:

      Thanks God, it didnt happen and the Methrological Agency latter cancelled the alert

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