Friends of Urambo: A linkage between Tabora and the UK for over 50 years!!!

Tabora is a precious place to be and to work. Taborians are friends to all. One of the true and genuine friends of Tabora are FUM (Friends of Urambo and Mwanhala) The Friends of Urambo and Mwanhala is a small NGO working in the Tabora Region of Tanzania, specifically in the Districts of Nzega, Sikonge and Urambo. It is an association of friends who each give money to support our projects in Tanzania. From time to time we receive support from other organizations to help with specific projects.

Their main areas of interest are: education, health, water and agriculture. They are concerned with advancing the development of the people of the Tabora Region but also with educating young people in the UK. To that end they not only provide funds for projects in Tanzania but facilitate educational visits by UK schools and individuals to the Tabora Region. FUM has operated in the Tabora Region for nearly fifty years and has developed a good working relationship with the Tanzanian Government. The Regional Commissioner, Tabora is one of our two presidents and the district authorities have appointed FUM coordinators in each of the districts. Please visit their homepage:


One Response to “Friends of Urambo: A linkage between Tabora and the UK for over 50 years!!!”

  1. sangano seif wibonela Says:

    Please, allow me toconstitute the Friend of Urambo and Mwanhala. I’m from Mwanhala at mr A dallah ‘s shop, , being his young brother.

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