Uyui: Said Bakhresa, Gulam Dewji and Reginald Mengi: compassionate Billionaires with needy people at their hearts.

Said Bakhresa, Gulam Dewji na Reginald Mengi: Mioyo inayoguswa na wenye shida, madhila na dhiki .

A year ago(sept 2011): Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete President (Fourth left) at the picture with the National Committee for Aid For Somalia shortly after the official dedication at the hall in Dar es Salaam.The committee was officially named ‘Save Lives in Somalia Committee’. The IPP Executive Chairman Reginald Mengi chaired the team. In photo from left is the Haruna Zakharia, Said Bakhresa, Reginald Mengi, and Ambassador Said Gulam Dewji. Photo by courtesy of Freddy Maro-IKULU

It is not about their wealth. that is known.It’s about the Public positive receptions of their wealth even after the media made it public especially on the figures. Said Bakhresa and Reginald Mengi are the popular and familiar names among the ordinary Tanzanians. For years they have been promoting the community empowerments through employments, social assistance and paving ways to other social economical aspects including sports more precisely on football. The ordinary people are more than pleased on the products and services they are offering at a reasonable price, leave alone employment and the tricle down effect to most common people.

Kwa zaidi ya miaka 10 Mwenyekiti wa Makampuni ya IPP Reginald Mengi amekuwa akiwakutanisha pamoja Jamii ya watu wenye ulemavu kula nao pamoja, kuwasaidi na kuwapa matumaini

Uyui: Sharo the Millionaires (A Young Multi talented Bongo Celebrity, Comedian and Musician) passed away


Habari za kushikitisha zilizotawala vyombo vya habari leo hii asubuhi ni kuwa muigizaji na mwanamuziki, Hussein Ramadhan aliyejulikana zaidi kama Sharo Milionea,amefariki dunia kutokana na ajali ya gari iliyotokea majira ya saa mbili usiku jana katika eneo la Maguzoni Songa katikati ya Segera na Muheza mkoani Tanga. chanzo cha umauti wa msaani huyo ni ajali ya Gari aliyokuwa akiendesha iliyoacha njia. alikwa anakwenda kuwaona wazazi wake. Ni msiba mzito lakini ni kazi yake Mwenyezi Mungu.

Sharo the Millionaires (A Young multi-talented Bongo Celebrity, Comedian and Musician) passed away in a road accident just few kilometers from reaching home. .

Uyui: Homage to Fahim Ahmed:a brother, a Comrade and a friend of Tabora network

Sorry for the Picture but we have to pay A Tribute to Fahim Ahmed (Poley) Kanyenyela. The Great son of Tabora and our brother at Uyui.

The late Fahim Ahmed (poley)one of the great son of Tabora

Buriani Kaka Mkubwa Fahimu. Tabora itakukumbuka daima.

Taborians bidding a farewell to their loved brother

The great taborian of all times fahim ahmed (poley) son of kanyenyera, the owner and operator of Orion Tabora hotel passed away last week at the kitete hospital, tabora. Last Friday at 2.00 pm the funeral ceremony was made at the Orion Tabora Hotel Ground, followed by messages from well wishers, a funeral buffet lunch and finally entourage of his body to the Isevya grave yard. He will definitelybe missed by all of us, may the lord rest his soul in peace, amen. Thanks to Alnash Kasamal Murji for all the updates and thanks the tabora family Milton Mugambo, Fo’ said, Tabrez, Shaher Dinesh and all others.There is only one Tabora, a multi-cultural multi-racial society of the wanyamwezi with a strong social capital of all times..

Uyui: A Light monday message that needs a serious digest

Blue Monday with English Class.Let us fight corruptions and corrupted minds right from adolescence.

Let us mold our child so that they see things with positive perspective from their Adolescence stage

Najua utacheka lakini hii haichekeshi.Usiruhusu watoto wakaanza kuwa na mawazo kama ya huyu dogo. Rushwa ni adui wa haki na inapofusha kuuona ukweli.Pambana na rushwa.

the Untold Story of Tabora Airport that dates back to II World War..


Ujambo, Mzee ?

I was surprised someone had actually read my comments regarding Tabora Airport ( HTTB). Some of my comments are out of date and even funny, viewed in the light of present day politics. So, below, is material which I hope adds to the history of the Airport,…. it does have one :

I was stationed at Tabora from 1964 to 1966, as Engineer-in- Charge. I also had responsibility for the airport at Mwanza.

During the Second World War, there was a massive onslaught by the army of the then General Bernard Montgomery, on the eastern half of North Africa, against the Nazi forces under the command of Reichmarshal Erwin Rommel. Thus the name : ” The North Africa Campaign”

South Africa at that time, was part of the British Empire. The citizens were called upon to contribute to the war effort, which they did, under the command…

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Uyui: Dar es salaam – A Harbor of Piece seasonally Hits by Waves of Rumors

Dar ni Jiji zuri lakini wakati mwingine hukumbwa na vimbwanga vya umbea na uvumi unaolitikisa.

Aerial View of Dar es Salaam City:

Few weeks ago the whole city was saturated with fast circulated rumors that a lady and a gent who were claimed to be in a private intercourse affairs failed to detach thereafter. Some few minutes later it was spread like a bush fire that the two were rushed to Temeke Municipal Hospital. Alas!!!! few minutes later around the Hospital there was a crowd and people were even ready to make a camp to as to see who are those? How it happened e.t.c. All at the end turned out to be rumors.

Watu wamejaa Temeke Hospitali na hawataki kuondoka mpaka waone watu waliogandana. Habari hizo baadaye zilionekana ni uzushi.

A similar rumors happened in 1980s where it was spread like fire wood that a man who was taking a shower has his leg turned into a big snake figure. Again people rushed to Buguruni police station to witness. It was another rumors. There was no such a thing. One thing as a reflection to this behavior is either people like rumors or they have ample time to follow-up such stories once in circulation.

Dar es salaam – as the name suggests is a harbor of Piece (Daru salamu- or in kiswahili Bandari ya Salama) seasonally the city has been heated by Waves of Rumors.Unfortunately, people spend lots of their time following up such stories.

Uyui: Kigali and Dar A Picture tells the whole story about helmets


Utii wa Sheria bila shuruti. Ukiwa Kigali lazima uvae helmet kwa ajili ya usalama wako na abiria uliempakia

Boda Boda at Kigali City

Hapa ni Dar, kila mtu mjuaji, lakini siku za wabishi zinahesabika.

wengi hawajui kuwa kutovaa kofia ni kosa na hatari

Ignorance of law is not a defense. In Dar es Salaam some of the motorcyclists and their passengers, they do not put on helmets. Their days are numbered as the Traffic police have made it clear that they should put on their helmet. After all its for their own safety as it has turned out to be a routine with Kigali motorcyclists..


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