Tabora: Passenger train: the old school in Tabora that turn out to be a new experience in Dar

usafiri wa treni jijini Dar es Salaam

Boarding a passenger train is an old school in Tabora over 100 years ago. In Dar es Salaam, Commute train (” Treni ya Mwakyembe”  has turn out to be a new experience!!

Boarding a passenger train is an old school in Tabora and some western part of the Country like Kigoma since 1910s. Train is a popular means of transport in Tabora and people are used to this kind of transport. Boarding a train in Tabora is not a big deal and no one will be surprised if you tell a story that you traveled by a train.

Recently in Dar es Salaam, after the introduction of commute train in the city, many people got exited, it is a new experience. They have ever had such experiences. Every body now wants to board a train. Common!! Where were you? Such good are in Tabora for the past 100 years. If you want to enjoy travelling by train, start with commute but just plan to come to Tabora by rail and you will tell us how sweet and enjoyable traveling by train is, especially when it hoots. Uyui congratulates Hon Minister Dr Mwakyembe(MP) for his concerted effort to improve transport in the city and in the country


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