Uyui: ten (10) things you will never found them anywhere except in Tabora, Mboka or Kazeh town

Ten (10) Uniqueness about Tabora, Mboka or Kazeh town.

Ten things you never knew about Tabora

  1. A town of Railways net work: Tabora is a hub of Railways providing gateways to Kigoma, Mwanza and Mpanda(Katavi) Regions;

  2. Tabora had its own currency– the Tabora rupees since the Germany era;

  3. The rational decision to enter into a referendum that gave Victory and later to Independence was made in Tabora in 1958;

  4. The two Tanzania Presidents the JKs i.e. Mwalimu Julius Nyerere (1st President) and the 4th Phase President Hon Dr Jakaya Kikwete  all worked in Tabora in 1950s and 1980s respectively;

  5. That Prominent Leaders in Sports, Politics and Sports came from Tabora. Some of them Include the late Chief Abdallah Fundikira, Kasanga Tumbo, Kasella Bantu, Said Maswanya, Samwel Sitta, Ibrahim Lipumba (The current CUF chair), Ismail Aden Rage (Former MP-Tabora) for a full list see Tabora celebrities

  6. Tabora was a center of Education (quality one) both conventional and theology. Itaga and Kipalapala are the Old and respectable RC seminary centers where as Teaching Centers by the Late Sheikh Rashid attracted many Islāmic Scholars e.g. the Chief Mufti Shaban Simba of Muslim Council of Tanzania who used to come and learn. Schools such Tabora Boys, Girls, Mirambo (St Marry) groomed most of the leaders in this Country.

  7. Tabora is a multi racial society dates over 100 years where the Arabs, Asians and   Europeans are all the Wanyamwezi and not ashamed of being Taborians.

  8. Prominent explorers and big names in the history e.g. Livingstone, Mohammed Said Almarjeb (Tipu- Tipu) had their stop over at Tabora;

  9. A Very Unique appreciation: No one who happened to live in Tabora and give it a negative publicity.    they all appreciated to be in Tabora during their lifetime;

  10. The Taborians (Wanyamwezi) are friends of all and they can easily get help in any Region in Tanzania because of historical ties established with other ethnic groups such as Wazaramo (watoto wetu hawa), waluguru, wandegereko (ndengestan), wamakonde, wagogo (walikuwa wanatufichia mizigo yetu tukipita pale Dodoma kwa mguu kuelekea Dar), Wahehe (walitaka kutupiga enzi za Mtemi Mirambo tukawapa dada zetu sasa hivi wanatuamkia kwa kuwa ni Shemeji na wajomba zao). Wangoni etc. From this relationship Tanzania has become a tribeless country and become a homogeneous   society that respects everyone regardless of tribe, religion and social economic status. God bless Tabora and Tanzania. 

        Above all Tabora is a honey town, don’t go to tabora and return without it. you                   wont be understood.


2 Responses to “Uyui: ten (10) things you will never found them anywhere except in Tabora, Mboka or Kazeh town”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    dah i did not know that much am still living in tbr and this is my 19th year here.fred

  2. Dr.A.M.Thomas Says:

    I am proud to be a Taborian too. I was born there and lived there for ten years.

    Dr.A.M.Thomas, Professor, School of International Relations and Politics, Mahatma Gandhi University,Kottayam, Kerala, India.

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