Uyui: Said Bakhresa, Gulam Dewji and Reginald Mengi: compassionate Billionaires with needy people at their hearts.

Said Bakhresa, Gulam Dewji na Reginald Mengi: Mioyo inayoguswa na wenye shida, madhila na dhiki .

A year ago(sept 2011): Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete President (Fourth left) at the picture with the National Committee for Aid For Somalia shortly after the official dedication at the hall in Dar es Salaam.The committee was officially named ‘Save Lives in Somalia Committee’. The IPP Executive Chairman Reginald Mengi chaired the team. In photo from left is the Haruna Zakharia, Said Bakhresa, Reginald Mengi, and Ambassador Said Gulam Dewji. Photo by courtesy of Freddy Maro-IKULU

It is not about their wealth. that is known.It’s about the Public positive receptions of their wealth even after the media made it public especially on the figures. Said Bakhresa and Reginald Mengi are the popular and familiar names among the ordinary Tanzanians. For years they have been promoting the community empowerments through employments, social assistance and paving ways to other social economical aspects including sports more precisely on football. The ordinary people are more than pleased on the products and services they are offering at a reasonable price, leave alone employment and the tricle down effect to most common people.

Kwa zaidi ya miaka 10 Mwenyekiti wa Makampuni ya IPP Reginald Mengi amekuwa akiwakutanisha pamoja Jamii ya watu wenye ulemavu kula nao pamoja, kuwasaidi na kuwapa matumaini


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