Uyui: Jengo jingine la ghorofa 4 laanguka India

Building collapses in Mumbai, India, suburb; at least 35 people killed, dozens injured

India Building Collasped today   Jengo la ghorofa 4 lilokuwa na makazi ya watu pamoja na ofisi limeripotiwa   na BBC kuanguka huko India. Mamlaka husika zimesema kuwa ujenzi usiozingatia sheria na masharti husika ndio chanzo. Zaidi ya watu 50 wanasemekana kujeruhiwa katika tukio hilo.

MUMBAI, India — A half-finished building that was being constructed illegally in a suburb of India’s financial capital has collapsed, killing 35 people and injuring more than 50 others, police said Friday.

The building in the Mumbai suburb of Thane caved in at 6:08 p.m. Thursday, police said. Rescue workers with sledgehammers, gasoline-powered saws and hydraulic jacks were struggling to break through the rubble in their search for possible survivors. Six bulldozers had been brought to the scene.



Uyui: Tabora kunufaika na mradi wa maji wa shilingi bilioni 1.28

Tanzania, Japan Sign 1,282 Million Shillings Tabora Water Project

 GOVERNMENTS of Tanzania and Japan have signed the exchange of notes for the well drilling and water pipe construction for Rural Water Supply in Tabora Region worth 1,282m /-.Speaking after the signing ceremony, the Minister of Finance, Dr William Mgimwa, said that the project of rural water supply is in line with the aims of the National Strategy for growth and reduction of poverty including improvement of people’s well- being.

“The overall objective of rural water supply project is to improve access of Tabora residents to safe and reliable water, and the success of implementation of this project will contribute significantly to the welfare of beneficiaries and overall development in Tanzania,”Dr Mgimwa said.Dr Mgimwa also assured the government of Japan that the Tanzanian government will conduct close monitoring in order to ensure the design and quality of work meets the acceptable professional standards. “These projects are expected to benefit 20 villages in Tabora region.

The number of people who will have access to clean and safe water in these areas will increase from roughly 7.8 per cent in 2009 to an estimated 48.5 per cent in 2020,” said Mr Masaki Okada, the Ambassador of Japan to Tanzania. Mr Okada said that the grant will be extended and financed through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which signed the agreement with the government of the United Republic of Tanzania

Uyui: Kazeh Town 1914 : From Michuzi blogspot

                      KAZEH TOWN 1914 : FROM MICHUZI BLOG SPOT TODAY


                                                 So natural!!! so beautiful: Mboka, Tabora – Kazeh, A town where hospitality, passionate and heartfelt life is a daily jovial mood irrespective of   economic hardles. After all life is more that social economic indicators or development economics theories. Go to Tabora and you will learn more.

                                                  Kufungia Stori 1

Nyamwezi_people_1914[1] (2)


The Worriors. Tabora had many Chief, You have Wakonongo, Wasumbwa, Galaganza, Nyanyembe (around the town)

Kufungia Stori 1


A website about Uyui, Tabora heritages and the Wanyamwezi

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