Uyui: Film of Kolelo – The Myth of a living ancient spirit of the Waluguru tribe

koleloKolelo – The Myth of a living ancient spirit of the Waluguru tribe.
There are only three routed ways to take you to the huge serpent mythical spirit of the Waluguru (Kolelo) living in a haunted cave of the Kolelo Mountain. Picking one out of the three you will definitely be there…. to the cave. You can dare and go there willingly if courageous enough or reluctantly if summoned by the Sprit where you will have no choice. The popular and favourable route is just to watch Irene Sanga film produced by Vango production which will take you to the living spirit of Kolelo.

That the dead are coming back to life!!! This is a mystery of the untold stories to many in the modern world of science and technology, but not to the people of Mvuha, a remote village in the south western part of a mountainous town of Morogoro in Tanzania. To them, Kolelo is a real story of 19th Century that still roams afresh in their memory. Kolelo is an ancient Spirit they used to believe, love and honour. They were more than ready to do sacrifice when pays pilgrimage to Kolelo’s cave.

Kolelo is a 40 minutes Cultural film compacted with thrilling events of the healing spirit that helped mankind to come out of life troubles and misery. It contains the purity, uninterrupted beliefs and strong traditional norms that pushed Kibena and her Husband Mkude to pay a pilgrimage to the cave to cry for a long awaited baby in their marriage. Finally they succeeded!!!!

It’s over 200 years now since the healing power started to work. From generation to generation the healing spirit continues to surmount evils and horrific omen through anointed family of Mzee Kunambi who was chosen by Kolelo to perform the rituals and mythical healing. Doubtful Komwe who was the only son of Mzee Kunambi hesitated to takeover from his father. Kolelo didn’t accept and instead he summoned him to the cave to pick the Kit.

The dead old lady Ndelawasi was raised from her grave to take Komwe to the cave. This is where the mountains started to sake and whole scene turned into real African drama in the modern world.

Kolelo is a film that preserves ancient stories of the mythical events that occurred some years ago. It’s a must seen film. amazingly even the Director of this film, Hammie Rajab believes that Kolelo is still in command even to is just a film.


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