Uyui: A message from Dr Abdulghany, Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed, Ottawa, Canada Says:

Greetings to all Uyui Secondary School family and my thanks/gratitude to the initiators/maintainers of this blog. I just this week came across this blog. In fact, my wife drew my attention to the website she had bumped into while searching for something else. I must admit that going through the blog triggered/sparked and range of emotions: from sadness for the passing of important people in my life to nostalgia and fond memories of Uyui and Tabora.
I would first and foremost wish to extend my condolences to Mr. Patel’s and Mr. Kisanji’s families (albeit belatedly). I was very saddened to hear (to read on the blog) of their passing. I knew both Mr. Khandubhai Patel and Mr. Edwin Kisanji.
My name is Abdulghany Mohamed. I now live in Ottawa, Canada (since 1986). I last visited Tabora/Tanzania in 1988. I am an alumnus of Uyui Secondary School, Tabora (class of 1968-1971). The late Mr. Patel was my Headmaster (he taught me a course in Additional Mathematics) and Mr. Kisanji was a senior student ahead of us and did indeed return to teach at the school.
Although we had two streams I’ll try here to remember the names of some of my classmates. They included: Aden Ismail Shirwa, Alfred Mcharo, Ashok Kumar, Ashwin, Azmeena Jamal, Bilal and his brother, Enoch Kaseya, Ramadhan Hamis, Hansa Patel (sister of Jayant Patel), Harshad and his brother Bharat, Hasan Mushi, Ismail Aden Rage (current Tabora MP), Jonathan Matebele, Katwembala, Leonard Lameck, Mahesh Chauhan, Martin Zuberi, Merton Makinda, Mohamed Ali, Neela Joshi (Asmita Joshi’s younger sister), Noorjehan (Rhemtullah?), Pius Mwaisekela, Pushpa, Sambayao Nyasuru, Suresh Parmar, Sydney Dias.
That’s all I can recall for now . Sorry I have forgotten the last names of some students. Please help me to recall other names I have missed.
Senior students included among others: Cosmas Hinju, Onesmo Hinju, David Kisanji, Edwin Kisanji, and Thompson. The cohorts following us included, Baya Ramadhani, Lucas Nkondola.
I our teachers included Mrs Ashton (Form I English teacher from UK), Mrs Nazareth (Chemistry teacher from Tabora’s famous Nazareth family), Mr. Matthews (English teacher; had a photo studio not far from Uyui), Bro Andrew (Physics teacher from The Netherlands– I can still remember his updates on the Apollo Space mission – especially the tense moments of Apollo 13 and how he used the real world events to relate them with his physics lectures), Mrs Phillip (Biology teacher whose husband was the Tabora Regional Medical Officer at Kitete Hospital; I believe he later joined the Muhimbili Medical Centre/Faculty of Medicine in Dar es salaam) and last but not least Mr. Lukala.
I would be remiss to forget Mr. Maganga (senior school caretaker/custodian) who with Mr. Patel were always the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.
It would be an understatement to say that I fondly remember my days at Uyui. In fact, Uyui under Mr. Patel prepared me intellectually and socially. Academically, Uyui laid a solid foundation for not only my A-levels (1972-1973; Pugu Secondary formerly St. Francis College, Dar es salaam) but also for my subsequent undergraduate and graduate studies. Socially, my life was tremendously enriched through extra-curricular activities including my involvement in the singing choir, debating club, drama club, volunteer activities, etc.
I would very grateful if someone could kindly update me on how Uyui has honoured the legacy of Mr. Patel & Mr. Kisanji.
Sorry for the long post and all the best to everyone.
Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed.


Uyui: many thanks to Dr Abdulghany for this wonderful and exciting message


8 Responses to “Uyui: A message from Dr Abdulghany, Ottawa, Canada”



  2. S.Rahman Says:

    Hello sir ,
    Any body knows a chemistry teacher Mr. Ata ur Rahman. from India.He used to teach chemistry in Tabora around 1970 till( I do not remember) I am his daughter.He is no more.Please do let me know.And yes he used to talk about a Patel family too.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    His daughter S.Rahman

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hello,By chance anybody knows Mr. Ata ur Rahman chemistry teacher in Tabora from 1970to …..(don’t remember) .I am his daughter.He is no more ,but we used to know abt a Patel family.He was teaching Class 4 .There was a hostel .

  4. Dr.A.M.Thomas Says:

    Dear Dr Abdulghany
    I just want to share some information of two of your former teachers at Uyui School. Mr. Mathew returned to Kerala, India and ran a studio called Mathew’s Studio in the town of Pathanamthitta. He passed away almost a decade back. Mrs. Philip went to the United States from Tanzania. She also passed away a few years back.


    • Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed, Ottawa, Canada Says:

      Dear Dr. Thomas,
      Thanks for the update. I am sorry to hear of the passing away of my teachers Mrs Philip and Mr Mathew (may their souls RIP). I would appreciate it if you could kindly pass my condolences to their families if by any chance you have their contact information.
      Thanks in advance in wish you and the Uyui family happy holidays and a prosperous 2016.
      Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed

      • Daisy John Says:

        Thanks you Dr Abdulghany. Mrs Phillips’ family are all settled in the US. I have no contact details.
        Daisy John (nee Mathews)

    • Daisy John Says:

      Hello Dr Abdulghany
      This Daisy John (nee Mathews) daughter of the late Mr Mathews. I too was a student at Uyui before I left with my father in 1972. As Dr A.M. Thomas correctly pointed out Mr Mathews passed on in 1997. I have stumbled on this block through my searches on Uyui Secondary School. I am so emotional when I realise that you still remember my father and acknowledge his contribution in your life.
      I am residing in South Africa currently and working in the same field as my father.
      I cannot recall many names of my classmates but I do remember many of the teachers. Bro Andrew had a wonderful way of of presenting his lessons. He taught us Physics. Mr Lukala with Kiswahili and Mrs Philip taught us Biology.
      What a nice way to talk to others who walked through the verandahs of Uyui!

      • Abdulghany Mohamed Says:

        Ms John,
        Thank you very much for your response. It indeed, made my day as I read the message this morning before I left to go to school to meet with my students. While I am saddened to hear of the passing of Mr Matthews, I am so happy to link up with you and to know that we who were molded by Mr Matthews can still reminisce about our beloved teacher and mentor who embraced us both at school and outside the Uyui environs. Not only was Mr Matthews an excellent English teacher and gifted and generous educator, I can still remember how Mr. Matthews and his wife used to cordially receive us at the photo studio even when we were not shopping there but simply stopping by to say hello! One can only pray that Mr. Matthews’ legacy lives on and may he rest in peace.
        Thanks again for reaching out and let’s continue linking up with “Uyuians” around the globe.
        With kind regards,
        Abdulghany Mohamed, PhD

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