Asali ya Tabora ni salama kwa matumizi

Asali ya Tabora ni salama kwa matumizi 

THE traditionally produced honey in Tabora region is safe for human consumption, the Minister for Industries, Trade and Investment, Mr Charles Mwijage, told the National Assembly yesterday.

He assured the general public and traders that the product meets quality standards, currently stipulated by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS). Responding to questions posed by Tabora Urban MP Emmanuel Mwakasaka (CCM) here yesterday, the minister said the government was working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Tanzania Trade Authority (TanTrade) to analyse market opportunities.
Investment for a honey processing plant costs about 50 million US dollars (109 bn/-), he said. “This can help Tanzania produce 5,000 tonnes a week and 260,000 a year,” Hon Mwaijage told parliamentarians.

He was responding to a supplementary question from the MP which demanded the government assurance regarding claims that Tabora produced honey was not suitable for human consumption. The MP also had asked the government plan to build honey quality assurance laboratory in Tabora.“Why shouldn’t the government set up the lab in Tabora where there is massive volume of honey produced compared to other regions in the country?” In response, the minister said quality assessment of honey products follows the national scale number 851 of 2006.The scale details how the producer, tutor and vendor must consider in the entire value chain of honey business.

He meanwhile assured the MP that the plans are underway to construct a large processing plant in Tabora which will among other things include construction of a lab in the region.

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2 Responses to “Asali ya Tabora ni salama kwa matumizi”

  1. Dr Saidi R S Fundikira Says:

    Thank you for this report. Did the MP specify what was allegedly wrong with Tabora honey, who said so and on what objective basis? The claims that it was contaminated by tobacco has been shown to be false by recent scientific research. I shall look for the research report and post the link here ASAP.

    • uyui Says:

      Dr Fundikira,
      Thanks, we will appreciate.
      Much and more of what is said or claimed is build on mere subjectiveness and very unfortunately some people tend to subscribe on. I think on such basis the MP intended to have a clear statement as a backup. In such a situation your scientific questions on Who, what, why will definitely not be properly and accurately responded.
      Thank you

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