Welcome “karibu” to Tabora (Mboka or Kazeh) and to Uyui- by Maganga Feruzi

The map of Tabora Tanzania, Mboka or Kazeh (magangaferuzi@gmail.com)

Thanks for visiting this site and you will never regret.Welcome to this wonderful and informative site of Uyui. Uyui is at the heart of Tabora Region (Young Generations called it- MBOKA and Elderly they used to KAZEH) in the western part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Not many people are aware of its beauty and the compassionate of its people. The Wanyamwezi, a popular tribe whose people are lovely and full of aptical culture that is demonstrated by their simple life. Wanyamwezi are the local residents of Tabora.Karibu (welcome) to Uyui so that you can learn the untold story and the wonderful lifestyle of Wanyamezi Tribe (Wanyanyembe, Wakonongo, Wasumbwa etc).

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6 Responses to “Welcome “karibu” to Tabora (Mboka or Kazeh) and to Uyui- by Maganga Feruzi”

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Huo uwanja ni kiboko babake

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  4. Unyanyembe Says:


    It is best to participate in a contest for probably the greatest blogs on the web. I’ll recommend this website!

  5. uyui Says:

    Tabora was founded by Arab traders in the 1850s (known back then as Kazeh) and became a centre of the slave trade. These Arabs are said to originate from Oman. The original meaning of the name is yet known, though a more or less name of similar nature in also found in Iran (the Kazah)
    Ancient towns and cities had their unique identifier. This has been the case even with modernity. The Askari Monument signifies DSM, the clock tower signifies London, the Eifell tower of Paris, Pyramid of Egypt signifies Al- Kahir or Cairo. Tabora has a hill that is known as Kazeh hill. This hill is clearly seen when to enter the town by train from Dodoma or by Bus from Nzega.
    Unfortunately the town (Unyanyembe of Fundikira) doesn’t have more hills. Apart from Kazeh that is within the town vicinity there are two most known Izimbili and Cecelia that are along the Ulyankulu road towards Ushetu. The name Kazeh is most associated with the hill and is strongly believed to be named after that hill.
    In 1871 the place was devastated by the forces of the Wanyamwezi ruler Mirambo. Although the German East Africa protectorate was proclaimed over the region in 1885, as late as 1891 travellers reported it to be a lawless town and the German colonial administration did not gain control of it until later that year. As a major station on the Central Line it became the most important administrative centre of central German East Africa.
    During the East African Campaign of World War I colonial armed forces of the Belgian Congo (‘Force Publique’) under the command of General Tombeur captured the city on 19 September 1916 after some heavy fighting.
    Kazeh is a place where the two routes or trek to lake Victoria and Tanganyika patches up. In ancient time even caravans used to stop and collect more data or information before proceeds to either side with fresh porters (Mzigo mzito mpe Mnyamwezi). The Hub have been inherited by a Railways station that connects Mwanza and Kigoma.



    Please kindly give more explanation about Kazeh town or Tabora. what is the meaning of Kazeh

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