Uyui: Unakumbuka Cow boy, Pride, Supa-Ghee na Blue Band?

Unakumbuka Cow boy, Pride, Supa-Ghee na Blue Band?mafuta-ya-kupikia-chapa-zamani

Kwa wale wenye umri mkubwa kidogo bila shaka watakuwa wanakumbuka mafuta na margarine hizo hapo juu. Duka maarufu sana pale mtaa wa Ujiji na barabara ya Mwanza lilikuwa linaitwa Asman Store mafuta hayo yalikuwa hayakosi. Kwa wale waliokuwa Tabora watakumbuka pia hoteli na Migahawa maarufu kama United Sweet Mart, Kassu Hotel, Mikate ya Pope na MM Joshi kwenye tambi na chauro.

Apparently this is more special to those who lived old enough to use such cooking oils and margarine such as Cow boys, Pride, Supa-Ghee and Blue Band. Uyui is having a memory of a famous Shop which was at the junction of Ujiji and Mwanza Road, Asaman Store where Majority of Tabora town resident used to get all important and basic items from the shop. During those days there were also exist cafe of classic standard such as Old sweet Mart and Kassu Hotel. Tabora had a famous bread brand Mikate ya kwa Pope on the round obout to Ng’ambo. For those who were in Tabora from 1970s to 1980s they could also remember MM Joshi.


One Response to “Uyui: Unakumbuka Cow boy, Pride, Supa-Ghee na Blue Band?”

  1. Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed Says:

    Thanks for keeping the memories of Tabora alive.
    I do remember the businesses you have listed. Even though I have been way for over three decades I can still picture them in my mind. The Asman Store at the round about was owned by the family who once lived in Mpanda and then moved to Tabora in the sixties. I wonder where they and their descendant are? The store was strategically located because it was also at the junction to St Mary’s (Milambo) secondary School, the road to Urambo as well as Mwanza Road that led to Mirambo Barracks in those days. If my memory serves me well, I remember my school mates Aden Ismail & his cousin Ismael Aden Rage (I understand his the current MP) lived in the neighbourhood.
    Similarly, I recall mikate ya Pope (Papadopoulas) at the Nazareth building which also housed East African Airways office (later Air Tanzania). By the way, Mrs Nazareth was my Chemistry teacher. And, lastly but not least who can forget the sweet ladoo and jelebis, plus the scrumptious/tasty chevdo and ghatia from MM Joshi? Again I may be biased. I went to school with 2 of the Joshi girls.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed, Ottawa Canada

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