Uyui Day Celebrated on 29 July, 2017 (A re-Union after 30 Years of Uyui)

That was a day, a historic one at the Institute of Social Work, where all the memories down the lane were lively brought up. The colorful occasion was attended by old students of Uyui who studied at the school from 1970s to date, some coded themselves as Wahenga (Old wise man).

It was a re-union day where the old students of those days (now parents and Grand pa) who left one other had a chance to meet again. It happened after a period of 30 to 35 years of which by any definition was a long period.

To make the story short on how it happened, the social network (Whatsup platform) has helped the old students to re-unite and have the opportunity to cherish the old golden good days, make some light jokes, having funny, make some physical exercises, play football, having soft drinks and later to the dancing floor a favorite stuff that was enjoyed by almost everyone who attended.

A unique day had unique things, one of the memorable thing that happened was a name of their Head Master Mr. Kandubhai Patel (R.I.P), they all associated and labeled themselves as Patel’s son and daughters. (Watoto wa Mwalimu Patel). They were and still proud of their head master, Mwalimu Patel was a Wise Head master whose caring and helping hand had helped most of the students who studied at Uyui during his leadership. Mwalimu Patel remained a symbol of Uyui for the Old Students and every Old student has been proud to be associated with him. Uyui is about Mwalimu Patel and the two can not be separated.

Ooh let me go back to the story or let me organize it and bring it up with some photos if I will manage to have few. stay tuned.


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