Uyui: List of Old Buses at Tabora Stand (Light weekend stories-Old school stories)

mabasi-ya-zamani_tabora Tabora ni mji uliozungukwa na mikoa mingi ikiwemo, Katavi, Kigoma, Shinyanga, Singida, Mbeya, Songwe na Rukwa. Tabora pia ilikuwa inapata mabasi yaliyotoka nje ya mikoa na pia yaliyokuwa yanaenda maeneo mbalimbali ndani ya mkoa, tutayataja machache na kama kuna mdau anakumbuka mengine tafadhali tutaomba utupatie. Lengo letu ni kuonesha kuwa Wazee hawa wa Tabora walikuwa wafanya biashara na walikuwa na nia hasa ya kuwekeza katika usafiri. Mabasi yaliyokuwa yanakuja na kuondoka katika stendi ya Tabora iliyokuwa karibu na soko kuu ni pamoja na:
1. TAMOTA– Tambwe Motor transport (Mabasi yake mengine yalikuwa yakienda mpaka Chunya)
2. MPALAYE– Mabasi ya Dk Salum Minsogalya Mpalaye yaliyokuwa yakienda Urambo na Kaliua
5. IDDI MDACHI (Mabasi yake yalikuwa yakiitwa Punguza na ilikuwepo Punguza namba, 1, 2 nk
6. KASSU BUS SERVICE (Yaliyokuwa yanaenda maeneo mbalimbali ikiwemo Kigwe, Unambewa, Ikongolo nk)
10. MAMLO (Likiwemo basi la Apollo 69) Haya yaliyoka mwisi
12. UMOJA BUS- Kutoka Shinyanga (Enzi za Cooperative Unions)
13. MWANZA BUS– Mabasi ya Singh kutoka Mwanza

Warembo wa Urambo Girls wa Mwaka 1966!!! (Picha ina umri wa miaka 50)

                           Young girls of Urambo Middle School in a picture 1966
This is the Picture of Young ladies of those old good days. It was taken in 1966 at Urambo Middle School and in the Pictures were the Prefects of the school. Am told most of them went to Tabora Girls and thereafter to colleges and by this time definitely they are senior Ladies.

Waliopo pichani ni waliokuwa wanafunzi wa shule ya Kati ya Wasichana ya Urambo. Picha hii ilipigwa mwaka 1966. Hawa walikuwa viranja wa Shule. wengi kati ya hawa waliendelea na masomo katika shule ya Sekondari ya Tabora na baadaye kwenye vyuo mbalimbali. Kwa sasa ni Dada Wakubwa.

Uyui: Do you remember Kiwere saw mills? if not just read this from Roomina

Wow I stumbled across this site while searching for Kiwere Sawmills. My grandfather started the business and my dad and his brothers took over when he passed away. My family was very well known in Tabora in those days. Unfortunately, we left Tabora in Nov 1975.

How we all still mis home. It’s been 40 years but Tabora is still our home and in our hearts.

My brother and I both went to Uyui, he was in form 2 and I was in form 1 when we left. Some of my classmates were Tabrez, Safeer, Munisha , Saida and Priti. I’ve met Tabrez and have Munisha on my FB. Would love to know where the rest are.

I remember Amiri’s mogo (may his soul rest in eternal peace ) and I remember the stadium. My brother used to go there to watch the games. His favorite team was Simba.

Really miss those days



Uyui: Mwalimu Kandubhai Patel

Mwalimu Kandhubhai Patel na Wanafunzi wake pamoja na watu wa Tanu Youth League mwaka 1969.

kutoka kushoto ni Marehemu Mw. Edwin Kisanji, Abdulghany Mohamed (Katibu wa Vijana), Marehemu Mw. K. Patel (Headmaster, Uyui), Thompson (Mwenyekiti wa Vijana) na instructor wa gwaride kutoka Ofisi ya Wilaya (TANU Youth League). picha kwa hisani ya Dr Abdulghan Mohammed

Picha kutoka Maktaba: Waliosimama kutoka kutoka kushoto ni Marehemu Mw. Edwin Kisanji, Abdulghany Mohamed (Katibu wa Vijana), Marehemu Mwl. K. Patel (Headmaster, Uyui), Thompson (Mwenyekiti wa Vijana) na instructor wa gwaride kutoka Ofisi ya Wilaya (TANU Youth League). Picha hii ni kwa hisani ya Dr Abdulghany Mohammed

Uyui: A message from Dr Abdulghany, Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed, Ottawa, Canada Says:

Greetings to all Uyui Secondary School family and my thanks/gratitude to the initiators/maintainers of this blog. I just this week came across this blog. In fact, my wife drew my attention to the website she had bumped into while searching for something else. I must admit that going through the blog triggered/sparked and range of emotions: from sadness for the passing of important people in my life to nostalgia and fond memories of Uyui and Tabora.
I would first and foremost wish to extend my condolences to Mr. Patel’s and Mr. Kisanji’s families (albeit belatedly). I was very saddened to hear (to read on the blog) of their passing. I knew both Mr. Khandubhai Patel and Mr. Edwin Kisanji.
My name is Abdulghany Mohamed. I now live in Ottawa, Canada (since 1986). I last visited Tabora/Tanzania in 1988. I am an alumnus of Uyui Secondary School, Tabora (class of 1968-1971). The late Mr. Patel was my Headmaster (he taught me a course in Additional Mathematics) and Mr. Kisanji was a senior student ahead of us and did indeed return to teach at the school.
Although we had two streams I’ll try here to remember the names of some of my classmates. They included: Aden Ismail Shirwa, Alfred Mcharo, Ashok Kumar, Ashwin, Azmeena Jamal, Bilal and his brother, Enoch Kaseya, Ramadhan Hamis, Hansa Patel (sister of Jayant Patel), Harshad and his brother Bharat, Hasan Mushi, Ismail Aden Rage (current Tabora MP), Jonathan Matebele, Katwembala, Leonard Lameck, Mahesh Chauhan, Martin Zuberi, Merton Makinda, Mohamed Ali, Neela Joshi (Asmita Joshi’s younger sister), Noorjehan (Rhemtullah?), Pius Mwaisekela, Pushpa, Sambayao Nyasuru, Suresh Parmar, Sydney Dias.
That’s all I can recall for now . Sorry I have forgotten the last names of some students. Please help me to recall other names I have missed.
Senior students included among others: Cosmas Hinju, Onesmo Hinju, David Kisanji, Edwin Kisanji, and Thompson. The cohorts following us included, Baya Ramadhani, Lucas Nkondola.
I our teachers included Mrs Ashton (Form I English teacher from UK), Mrs Nazareth (Chemistry teacher from Tabora’s famous Nazareth family), Mr. Matthews (English teacher; had a photo studio not far from Uyui), Bro Andrew (Physics teacher from The Netherlands– I can still remember his updates on the Apollo Space mission – especially the tense moments of Apollo 13 and how he used the real world events to relate them with his physics lectures), Mrs Phillip (Biology teacher whose husband was the Tabora Regional Medical Officer at Kitete Hospital; I believe he later joined the Muhimbili Medical Centre/Faculty of Medicine in Dar es salaam) and last but not least Mr. Lukala.
I would be remiss to forget Mr. Maganga (senior school caretaker/custodian) who with Mr. Patel were always the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.
It would be an understatement to say that I fondly remember my days at Uyui. In fact, Uyui under Mr. Patel prepared me intellectually and socially. Academically, Uyui laid a solid foundation for not only my A-levels (1972-1973; Pugu Secondary formerly St. Francis College, Dar es salaam) but also for my subsequent undergraduate and graduate studies. Socially, my life was tremendously enriched through extra-curricular activities including my involvement in the singing choir, debating club, drama club, volunteer activities, etc.
I would very grateful if someone could kindly update me on how Uyui has honoured the legacy of Mr. Patel & Mr. Kisanji.
Sorry for the long post and all the best to everyone.
Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed.


Uyui: many thanks to Dr Abdulghany for this wonderful and exciting message

Haruna Ramadhani: A story teller from Uyui 1980

Have you ever heard of a person been a story teller? Haruna Ramadhani (Right) x-Uyui (1977-1980) is one of those good teller when comes to stories. For those who knows Haruna, he is a man who knows how to talk creatively. A story told by Haruna will be more attractive as compared to same story when narratted by another person.Haruna now a Vertenary Clinicians is a wide reader and a good listener who is in Shinyanga Region has been a friend of all at all times. During the cold war times, everybody was almost asking Haruna on the position of each block with regards to their strength. Haruna’s class was Science 2 and he was with Muhsin Iddi Godi Godi; Abdallah Salehe (Kidagaa) and others. Haruna later went for higher education at Tambaza Secondary School and further to Tengeru LITI. For those who studied Uyui in 1970s-1980 will remember this familar face from Uhuru Street Chemchem Tabora.

Shailesh Patel of Uyui 1979-1982

One comrade that can easily be identified and spotted is Mr Shailesh Patel. He is the first from right with a hand inside a trouser pocket. Shailes studied at Uyui from 1979 to 1982 and since then he is there at Tabora at N’gambo. In the evening you will meet with him taking small exercises of walking. Shailes is the one of the Old Guard (Veteran of Tabora).

Uyui boys 20 years ago

uyui_20 years ago

Young, energetic with innocent pose for the picture. This was in 1981. From left to right is Juma Sementa, Jaffar Uledi, Rehani Athumani, Ramadhani Kalovya and Mrisho. The picture was taken in-front of the Student Center (where students used to go for leisure and studying) and at the back is the Gongoni Primary School. One thing that came vividly is the change in life. Those days Uyui boys and girls were very much committed with studies. If you have a picture please post to

Do you remember how was your graduation day !!!!

The picture reminds me on the graduation days. Those days where there was no gown no anything apart from playing drama and have a small buggy dance. finish. Currently things are different especially in Africa where graduations level now starts even to children after they compleate nursery or kindergten school. Oooop!!! This however has no connetion with my Uyui WordPress girl Sarah Mihambo (left) and her sisters congraturating her after successful finishing her Ordinary level secondary education. Sarah Mihambo is a potential creative writter and I will be filling her brief dramatic stories once in a while. By the way the picture was just to remind you on your grauation day and how was it. Thank you.

Meeting Hall: From Nina to Shobna Patel, Kotecha and all Uyui of 1967

One thing that came into my mind when I was reading the message from Nina is the memory that She has, over 40 years. Thanks for your flash back. though this message appeared under Uyui Secondary school I deliberately bring it up-front for other just to have a look.

Hi all,
Glad to find this site – I left Tabora in 1967 – went to HR Primary school, and then to Uyui Sec school (1 year) – don’t remember much – I remember Mr Patel and his wife (brand new teachers from India) who came to teach at the school – the school was brand new for those of us who were not accepted at kazima sec school. i only remember very few of my classmates – Rashmi Bathia, jayshree Kotecha, Ila Davda, Nalini Majithia, Shobna Patel, Champa Patel, Dilip Patel, and Manoj Davda, and Sudhir(???). I remember Pattni family as they organized all the garba practises, and going on picnics in big open Lorries (buses) to some dam(?). please reply if anybody remembers me.
Naina Hindocha
PS I have been in Vancouver, Canada for last 37 years