Welcome “karibu” to Tabora (Mboka or Kazeh) and to Uyui- by Maganga Feruzi

The map of Tabora Tanzania, Mboka or Kazeh (magangaferuzi@gmail.com)

Thanks for visiting this site and you will never regret.Welcome to this wonderful and informative site of Uyui. Uyui is at the heart of Tabora Region (Young Generations called it- MBOKA and Elderly they used to KAZEH) in the western part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Not many people are aware of its beauty and the compassionate of its people. The Wanyamwezi, a popular tribe whose people are lovely and full of aptical culture that is demonstrated by their simple life. Wanyamwezi are the local residents of Tabora.Karibu (welcome) to Uyui so that you can learn the untold story and the wonderful lifestyle of Wanyamezi Tribe (Wanyanyembe, Wakonongo, Wasumbwa etc).

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Lile Jengo karibu na Uyui sekondari sasa lina umri wa miaka 113

A heritage building that clicks 113 years.

Lile Jengo sasa lina umri wa miaka 113

Lile Jengo karibu na Uyui sekondari sasa lina miaka 113 na linafaa kuwa makumbusho- Simile msije kulibomoa!!!.

We had talked about this building in our previous posts but with little details. This Building was built in 1913 and now its 113 years old. It is at the Junction or roundabout of Uyui secondary, HR (Mwenge Primary school), Teachers College (TTC), Kassu filling station and Uwanja wa VITA.
It was not easily known which Authority is currently taking care of the historical building, and some People had a thought that it should be considered as one of the heritage (Museum) and therefore should not be demolished. Picture by the Courtesy of Mdau.

Tulisha wahi kusema kidogo kuhusu jengo hili katika siku za nyuma lakini bila maelezo ya kina. Jengo huli unaloliona lilijengwa mwaka 1913 na sasa limetimiza umri wa miaka 113. Lipo katika makutano ya Shule ya Sekondari ya Uyui, Shule ya Msingi ya Mwenge, Chuo cha Ualimu (TTC) na Kituo cha Mafuta cha zamani cha Kassu pamoja na uwanja wa zamani wa mpira wa kumbukumbu ya Vita. Haijulikani kwa sasa jengo hili lipo chini ya usimamizi wa mamlaka ipi lakini kumekuwa na maoni kuwa liwe sehemu ya urithi wa taifa na liwe makumbusho ili lisijekubomolewa. Picha kwa hisani ya mdau.


Picha za Tabora: Photos taken at Tabora in the 1950’s: Thanks Colin M Crossley

Vickers Viscount Demonstrator G-AMAV They are of the Vickers Viscount Demonstrator G-AMAV about 1956 on a sales tour from the UK and heading for the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa – note the drummed fuel, at that AVTUR was nt regularly available in Tabora.

The picture with a courtesy from Colin whose late father Ken Crossley, (R.I.P) was an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) employed by the East African Common Services Organisation’s Director of Civil Aviation which was responsible for all aviation matters in East Africa from the 1940’s to sometime in ’70’s. According to Colin his late father was stationed at the New airport in Dar es Salaam from November 1954 to March 1955 when he moved Tabora and stayed there to March 1957 and again from  March 1958 to September 1958 when he moved to Zanzibar where he stayed to April 1960.

Courtesy: Picture and story by Colin M Crossley – UK

Uyui appreciate and thank you for sharing with us and the Taborians with such a worthy story.

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Uyui: (Tabora coin) Sio wengi wanaojua kuwa Tabora ilikuwa na Sarafu yake ya dhahabu 1916

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The 1916 “Tabora Pound” – 15 Rupien Gold Coin
from German East Africa

Commercial banking was introduced in German East Africa in 1905, when the Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Bank opened its office in Dar es Salaam. This bank had a concession from the German Government to issue its own notes and coins, which helped the bank to meet the demand for coins in exchange for its notes. In 1911, another German bank, the Handelsbank fuer Ostafrika, opened a branch in Tanga. Then came the first world war.The “Tabora Pound”, a gold coin valued at 15 Rupees, was designed by mining industry expert Friedrich Schumacher at Tabora and weighs 6.8 gram (gold).

Pauni ya dhahabu ya Tabora ya mwaka 1916  ya dhahabu iliyokuwa na thamani ya Rupia 15″Tabora Pound”

Pauni ya Tabora ya dhahabu (sarafu)  kama inavyoonekana kwenye picha

Pauni ya Tabora ya dhahabu (sarafu) kama inavyoonekana kwenye picha

Benki ya Kibiashara ilianzishwa na Utawala wa Wajerumani Afrika ya Mashariki mwaka 1905 wakati Benki ya Deutsch-Ostafrikanische ilipofungua ofisi yake Jijini Dar es Salaam. Benki hii ilikuwa na idhini kutoka Serikali ya Ujerumani ya kutoa sarafu na noti zake ili kuiwezesha kutimiza mahitaji ya ubadilishaji wa sarafu kwa noti. Ilipofika mwaka 1911 Benki nyingine ya Kijerumani iitwayo Handelsbank fuer Ostafrika ilifungua tawi lake Tanga, baada ya hapo vita vikuu vya kwanza vya Dunia vikatokea. Pauni ya Tabora, ya dhahabu yenye thamani sawa na rupia 15 ilibuniwa na mtaalamu wa Sekta ya madini Friedrich Schumacher hapo Tabora na ilikuwa na uzito wa gramu 6.8 (ikiwa ni dhahabu)




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Uyui: ten (10) things you will never found them anywhere except in Tabora, Mboka or Kazeh town

Ten (10) Uniqueness about Tabora, Mboka or Kazeh town.

Ten things you never knew about Tabora

  1. A town of Railways net work: Tabora is a hub of Railways providing gateways to Kigoma, Mwanza and Mpanda(Katavi) Regions;

  2. Tabora had its own currency– the Tabora rupees since the Germany era;

  3. The rational decision to enter into a referendum that gave Victory and later to Independence was made in Tabora in 1958;

  4. The two Tanzania Presidents the JKs i.e. Mwalimu Julius Nyerere (1st President) and the 4th Phase President Hon Dr Jakaya Kikwete  all worked in Tabora in 1950s and 1980s respectively;

  5. That Prominent Leaders in Sports, Politics and Sports came from Tabora. Some of them Include the late Chief Abdallah Fundikira, Kasanga Tumbo, Kasella Bantu, Said Maswanya, Samwel Sitta, Ibrahim Lipumba (The current CUF chair), Ismail Aden Rage (Former MP-Tabora) for a full list see Tabora celebrities

  6. Tabora was a center of Education (quality one) both conventional and theology. Itaga and Kipalapala are the Old and respectable RC seminary centers where as Teaching Centers by the Late Sheikh Rashid attracted many Islāmic Scholars e.g. the Chief Mufti Shaban Simba of Muslim Council of Tanzania who used to come and learn. Schools such Tabora Boys, Girls, Mirambo (St Marry) groomed most of the leaders in this Country.

  7. Tabora is a multi racial society dates over 100 years where the Arabs, Asians and   Europeans are all the Wanyamwezi and not ashamed of being Taborians.

  8. Prominent explorers and big names in the history e.g. Livingstone, Mohammed Said Almarjeb (Tipu- Tipu) had their stop over at Tabora;

  9. A Very Unique appreciation: No one who happened to live in Tabora and give it a negative publicity.    they all appreciated to be in Tabora during their lifetime;

  10. The Taborians (Wanyamwezi) are friends of all and they can easily get help in any Region in Tanzania because of historical ties established with other ethnic groups such as Wazaramo (watoto wetu hawa), waluguru, wandegereko (ndengestan), wamakonde, wagogo (walikuwa wanatufichia mizigo yetu tukipita pale Dodoma kwa mguu kuelekea Dar), Wahehe (walitaka kutupiga enzi za Mtemi Mirambo tukawapa dada zetu sasa hivi wanatuamkia kwa kuwa ni Shemeji na wajomba zao). Wangoni etc. From this relationship Tanzania has become a tribeless country and become a homogeneous   society that respects everyone regardless of tribe, religion and social economic status. God bless Tabora and Tanzania. 

        Above all Tabora is a honey town, don’t go to tabora and return without it. you                   wont be understood.

Uyui: 3 D Sculpture work at Tabora

Probably this will be a news to most readers  that Tabora is a town of vast talent including carving.

Sio watu wengi wanaojua kuwa mji wa tabora unaweza kuwa na kazi za uchongaji za mikono lakini ukweli ni kuwa kazi hizo zipo. Mojawapo ni hii hapa pichani niliyoikuta katika Hoteli moja maeneo ya Ali Hassani Mwinyi Mkoani Tabora.


When I saw this 3 D art work in Tabora, I thought of sharing it to Uyui family. It is in Tabora, in one of the hotel at the Ali Hassan Mwinyi in Tabora. I know, to many this will be a news because carving and sculpture work is mainly dominated by the Makonde tribe from the southern part of Tanzania.

Tabora Central Mosque that Lead by Great Personalities

It is not about the mosque per see but the kind of leadership in the central mosque. This Friday mosque has a great history of been headed by great personalities. Those include Sheikh Mzee wa Fereji (Senior); Sheikh Ally Abeid Moza; Sheikh Hamis Wampa, Sheikh Issa Mzee and Currently SheikH Shaban Salum. Despite commanding moral faith of thousands of believers, these leaders were not selfish. They took Leadership as the responsibility instead of opportunities for gains.It because of their stance we can today stand very firmly and bold to speak loudly through this web, that we are proud of such great personalities. When we look this mosque we don’t just see the image of the mosque but the great brain and wisdom that is behind being a symbol of unit of all times.


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