Peace, Unit and Solidarity Prevails as the Nation Marks its 55th Independence Anniversary

Happy 55th Independence Anniversary to Our Motherland


Our Commentary: Tanzania is a peaceful country that has maintain peace and political stability since its independence in December, 1961 and even before. A gifted land with lovely, friendly and compassionate people who cherishes brotherhood and humanity all the time. A home of great lake and a roof of Africa with its stand alone highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.  A strong Nation born out  from over 125 diversified tribe that came together and form Very Strong homogeneous social capital Nation with a highest degree of solidarity, endurance and perseverance.

While we mark the 55th Anniversary’s today, we pay tribute to our fore fathers who fought colonialism and laid down solid foundations for solidarity, multi-racial cultures and inter-relational society we cherish today. They call you Tanzania, we call you our motherland, home sweet home. Bongo Land.


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