Uyui: Form Four set for their final examination today

TODAY, its a historic day for the form four candidates all over the country as they start their final examination. To them and all others who¬†went through this process one thing is evident ” a historic day”. Sitting in an examination room, is not something students would like to go for it or opting for. Unfortunately, there are very few and limited ways that have been developed and practiced, apart of from putting them in the examination room.

Our candid advise to student and parents is one. PREPARATIONS. Students should prepare for their examinations, read, understand and comprehend. In most cases, we do our things on a rush. We need to shift and change mindset and attitude of our children to start loving tests and get prepared for examination. The experience we went through this process is a lesson that will help our children to pass through this necessary stage in their life journey. We wish form four students all the best.



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