Uyui secondary school


Mr Patel Kandubhai

kutoka kushoto ni Marehemu Mw. Edwin Kisanji, Abdulghany Mohamed (Katibu wa Vijana), Marehemu Mw. K. Patel (Headmaster, Uyui), Thompson (Mwenyekiti wa Vijana) na instructor wa gwaride kutoka Ofisi ya Wilaya (TANU Youth League). picha kwa hisani ya Dr Abdulghan Mohammed

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This is the one of the oldest school in Tabora. During 1960S it was dominated by students of Asian and Arab- Nyamwezi origin, but later in 1980S it was mult-racials.

Uyui has produced a number of talents ranged from Academics to sports, arts and models. The hand that groomed all these students was the late Mr K.R. Patel who apart of being a headmaster for more than 25 years he was a friend of all.

The life at uyui was  joyous and farbulous to the extent that every boys and girls wanted to study at Uyui which is at the heart of Tabora city.

Just Opposite the school there was a formous football ground called Uwanja wa Vita. (the bettle field of football). During 1970 there was teams such as Sungura that managed to beat Dar es salaam Youngs Africa in 1973 by 1-0. There were teams such as the Vita that was under the western brigade, and during that period it was under the command of Mayor General Sillus Mayunga or Mti Mkavu. So students at Uyui developed interests in sports particularly football where a number of supers emerged like Shaban Katwila who later Joined Young Africa, Mgomo Mangesho, Patric Walter, Dickson Kanumba etc the list is long.Adjacent there were basketballs pitches that breeds William Cruiser- Willy Gamba, Peter Semuhunge, Daudi Thabit and others.

When it comes to education Uyui produced the best product. Some of the students at Uyui are senior software engineers in the USA, others are engineers, PHD holders and a number of postgradutes.

Uyui was seen as school of elites and classified students whose parents were thought to be rich, to the contrary it was a school full of peasants’ children.

Those who have studied at Uyui, they were very fortune to have been groomed by a caring hand of  the Late Mr Patel, who left with them a wealth of  real knowlegde, friendship, compassionate and brotherhood and a blessing. Most of them a respectable personalities in the society not because of the knowlegde or wealth or social economic position, but of their big hearts and minds that reminds their root. UYUI.

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Uyui Secondary School Assembly hall

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Assembly Ground with long Patronage Speech from Mwalim Patel

This is the assembly ground of Uyui Secondary School. During those days it was at the middle of the Biology lab (behind the lab) and Form II- III Sciences and Arts.(front). For sure when it was an Assembly every body knew that it will last not less an hour because the Head Master (the late) Mr K. Patel (RIP) would issue a very long speech as a deliberate parental move to guide students for the things he thought was not going on well for the week in question.
In the series of the deliveries normaly the third Master Mr Lukago would start, then the first Master Mr Lukala before the Headmaster deliver his speech. though at that time we were getting tired of listerning of Mr Patel Speeches, today every one agrees that he was a real father and Guardian who wanted each and every student to have successful life.

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When I saw this piture from Nisheet Jethwa my memoy went bak almost 30 years where the now see as stand alone mango trees was full of students scrambling to buy cassava from the late Mzee Amiri. The cassava was so sweet and delicious since it was spiced with bizzari and pilipili.

During half-time almost the whole school would dash to the mango trees where it was Mzee Amir station. The good thing was we used to share the cassava regardless of who purhased. Those was the days and if trees could have mouth to speak, the Mango trees in the picture could testfy my story.

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20 years ago

Young, energetic with innocent pose for the picture. This Mrisho. The picture was taken in-front of the Student Center (where students used to go for leisure and studying) and at the back is the Gongoni Primary School. One thing that came vividly is the change in life. Those days Uyui boys and girls were very much committed with studies. If you have a picture please post to

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MEET HARUNA RAMADHANI EX-UYUI (1977-1980) A STORY TELLERHave you ever heard of a person been a story teller? Haruna Ramadhani (Right) x-Uyui (1977-1980) is one of those good teller when comes to stories. For those who knows Haruna, he is a man who knows how to talk creatively. A story told by Haruna will be more attractive as compared to same story when narratted by another person.Haruna now a Vertenary Clinicians is a wide reader and a good listener who is in Shinyanga Region has been a friend of all at all times. During the cold war times, everybody was almost asking Haruna on the position of each block with regards to their strength. Haruna’s class was Science 2 and he was with Muhsin Iddi Godi Godi; Abdallah Salehe (-1980 will remember this familar face from Uhuru Street Chemchem Tabora.

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Greetings to all Uyui Secondary School family and my thanks/gratitude to the initiators/maintainers of this blog. I just this week came across this blog. In fact, my wife drew my attention to the website she had bumped into while searching for something else. I must admit that going through the blog triggered/sparked and range of emotions: from sadness for the passing of important people in my life to nostalgia and fond memories of Uyui and Tabora.
I would first and foremost wish to extend my condolences to Mr. Patel’s and Mr. Kisanji’s families (albeit belatedly). I was very saddened to hear (to read on the blog) of their passing. I knew both Mr. Khandubhai Patel and Mr. Edwin Kisanji.
My name is Abdulghany Mohamed. I now live in Ottawa, Canada (since 1986). I last visited Tabora/Tanzania in 1988. I am an alumnus of Uyui Secondary School, Tabora (class of 1968-1971). The late Mr. Patel was my Headmaster (he taught me a course in Additional Mathematics) and Mr. Kisanji was a senior student ahead of us and did indeed return to teach at the school.
Although we had two streams I’ll try here to remember the names of some of my classmates. They included: Aden Ismail Shirwa, Alfred Mcharo, Ashok Kumar, Ashwin, Azmeena Jamal, Bilal and his brother, Enoch Kaseya, Ramadhan Hamis, Hansa Patel (sister of Jayant Patel), Harshad and his brother Bharat, Hasan Mushi, Ismail Aden Rage (current Tabora MP), Jonathan Matebele, Katwembala, Leonard Lameck, Mahesh Chauhan, Martin Zuberi, Merton Makinda, Mohamed Ali, Neela Joshi (Asmita Joshi’s younger sister), Noorjehan (Rhemtullah?), Pius Mwaisekela, Pushpa, Sambayao Nyasuru, Suresh Parmar, Sydney Dias.
That’s all I can recall for now . Sorry I have forgotten the last names of some students. Please help me to recall other names I have missed.
Senior students included among others: Cosmas Hinju, Onesmo Hinju, David Kisanji, Edwin Kisanji, and Thompson. The cohorts following us included, Baya Ramadhani, Lucas Nkondola.
I our teachers included Mrs Ashton (Form I English teacher from UK), Mrs Nazareth (Chemistry teacher from Tabora’s famous Nazareth family), Mr. Matthews (English teacher; had a photo studio not far from Uyui), Bro Andrew (Physics teacher from The Netherlands– I can still remember his updates on the Apollo Space mission – especially the tense moments of Apollo 13 and how he used the real world events to relate them with his physics lectures), Mrs Phillip (Biology teacher whose husband was the Tabora Regional Medical Officer at Kitete Hospital; I believe he later joined the Muhimbili Medical Centre/Faculty of Medicine in Dar es salaam) and last but not least Mr. Lukala.
I would be remiss to forget Mr. Maganga (senior school caretaker/custodian) who with Mr. Patel were always the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.
It would be an understatement to say that I fondly remember my days at Uyui. In fact, Uyui under Mr. Patel prepared me intellectually and socially. Academically, Uyui laid a solid foundation for not only my A-levels (1972-1973; Pugu Secondary formerly St. Francis College, Dar es salaam) but also for my subsequent undergraduate and graduate studies. Socially, my life was tremendously enriched through extra-curricular activities including my involvement in the singing choir, debating club, drama club, volunteer activities, etc.
I would very grateful if someone could kindly update me on how Uyui has honoured the legacy of Mr. Patel & Mr. Kisanji.
Sorry for the long post and all the best to everyone.

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  1. Ashok Patel Says:

    It is good to see everyone getting on this blog. It brings the childhood memories back.
    Davinder – good to hear from you- I think we met in Nairobi as well. Somehow I didnot get your posting via e-mail. Vinay did tell me about you when I talked to him last week. I studied Engineering in Bombay, India (1968 to 1976) and then came to US for Masters. I worked as an engineer till 1994 and started a business venture that has been good and bad at times.
    Shobhna – where are you? I met your mom, Rambhamasi and Manoj in UK quite a few years ago. How are you and your family doing? I am in touch with Navnit – he is about 5 hours drive from me. Last I met Dilip was in Tabora about 1976.
    Batuk Chandarana – I remember you as well. Your late brother Vinod was in my class.
    Rashmi – how is your sister Chandrika doing? Good to see you all have settled well.
    If anyone of you is in US, feel free to come and visit me and my family. My wife, Shilpa, is with me in the business. My son, Ripal, will finish Dentistry this year and Daughter, Sapna, is a Doctor doing internship.
    Eventhough this is Uyui site, I would like to see all Taborians join in.
    I do not see info on any Khoja freinds – they seem lost. Anwar, Zulfikar, Nasim, Anil, Salim etc.
    Manoj Davda, Pradip Morjaria, Ashvin/Kishor Davda, Rohit, Suresh Pattni, Jayant, Attaulla, Innaytulla, Ashrafali, Majithia family, -where are you guys.
    Shobha Pattni is in Houston, Texas
    Shobha, Bindu Patel (Patel Stores) are also in Houston, Texas.
    We should all put our contact info in the reply so it is there at the time of need.

    Ashok J Patel
    1009 Morning Stroll Ln.,
    Jacksonville, Fl 32221
    Phone: 904-329-4012 Home

    • Shobha Shukla Says:

      HI, I remember all of the names that you mentioned as we were in the same class!!! I met Kishore Davda last year. He is in the UK. His son is a doctor. He had come here for his family wedding… Suresh Pattni is in Mwanza. I do meet Shobha Patel and her sister Bindu Patel quite frequently… I was very glad to meet Jaybharti Patel, a very close friend of mine in HR Primary School…She is in Austin…

      • Ashok Patel Says:

        I hope you got the earlier reply. I will wait a few days to see it gets posted. If not I will rewrite again. Extremely pleased to here from you. You need to leave me your contact details.

      • Alnoor Says:

        Hi Shobha
        Remember you from Kazima – 1964 – 1968.

  2. Shobhna Patel Says:

    Hi Everyone, My name is Shobhna Patel (Dilip’s, Navnit, Champa, Hansa, Harshida, Nalin’s etc cousin). I enjoyed reading about everyone. I also studied at Uyui with Dilip my cousin bro.

    Ashok Patel I remember you and your family. My father Mr Haridasbhai was your dad’s friend. How is your family? how is Shila and Rekha. Give my regards to them and specially your mum.
    And Naina I have not spoken with you for a while but I was surprised that you can still remember swahili. mimi na sahaw kabisa.Ha Ha …..
    regards to Rashmi and your mum.

    I would like to get in touch with Maheroon Jafer (Mary). If anyone has any information about her.

    regards to all

    • uyui Says:

      Is your father Mr Haridasbhai was the one with Matipa ya kubebea mchanga. Your residing near United sweet mart?
      Please reply and have old good days of photo especially of your or Mzee Haridasbhai, He was so popular old wise man.

    • Alnoor Bharmal Says:

      Mary Jaffer is in Edmonton, AB Canada . I could send you her contact info.
      I remember your family very well. I left Tabora in 1969 after doing my form 4 at Kazima

  3. Davinder Singh Ghatora Says:

    Firstly, I would like to thank Vinay for bringing this to my attention. I am also an ex-student of HR Primary and then Uyui. Vinay and I were class mates and we have met couple of times recently after having made contact through one of our other class mates, Vijay and Kumud.

    I must emphasise and stress the succes of this school, particularly under the leadership of Khandubhai Patel. I still remember this great man’s name and also remember when his first child was born, his wife, I think her name was Urmilaben was also a teacher in that school. I left Tabora in 1966 and went to Nairobi from where my family came to UK in 1972 and I have been here since. With the foundation laid by this school I progressed into a senior management position in a corporate and now am a Finance Director in a very succesful and award wining Pharmaceutical Organisation. This I beleive is all due to Uyui, well done Khandubhai.
    I would certainly like to be party to any reunions exchange of views, etc., etc., May God bless all the Taborians and of course the rest of the world.

  4. dilip h.patel Says:

    hi all ex students of uyui sec school my name is dilip patel son of r. h. patel i studied ai uyui under the first headmaster was mr patel from india khandubhai patel mrs nanda jaychandra patel etc my classmates were onesmo hinjuson edwin kisanji david kisanji manoj davda pradip morjaria habib alibhai champa patel shobna patel pravin patel satwamt singh ashok shider dilip ramdas rajendra rasmi jayshree koteca hansa survaiya mary jaffer

    • DILIP Says:


    • shaher mohamed shaher Says:

      @ Dilip H. Patel: Habib Alibhai my brother in law is in London, my sister Faharia Mohamed Shaher is Uyui graduate too.

    • Anonymous Says:

      HI Dillip
      this is Khamsin Iddi or Pachas I will never never forget you and hope you might recall our big fight dude I respect , you where hell of a guy you mention (MBWAA MWEUSI) Edwin Kisanji RIP, Mr Patel headmaster RIP, my classmates were Habib Punja, Bharat, Pushpa Davda,Iqbal Bhimji,Ashok,Metron Makinda,Baya,Aden Rage, our class-teacher Mrs Nazzaret,Mrs Ashton, Bro Andrew, well to any X Uyuians can bring back the memories do not hesitate to drop a line am at Houston TX e-mail

  5. Vinay Patel Says:


    Greetings for 2010 to all Taborians where ever you are. This is Vinay Patel from Leicester in UK. First of all big thank you to Ashok and Shila (US) for drawing my attention to this site. Like them I also studied at HR Primary and Uyui Secondary. In my final year I was at Kazima. I left Tabora in 1971. I use to leave in Isevya. My parents (now passed away) had a shop which was just after the railway quarters on the left as you leave the town.

    Here are few names of Taborian who are in Leicester (if you remember them) – Vasant, Umesh and Kumud (bothers and sister). Ashok Big and his brothers Dilip, Kanu & Jayanti. Dilip R H Patel.

    And here are some of the Taborian I keep in touch with – Sharad (Agu) Pattni (Ilford London), Kishor Popat (Pinner London) Mahendra Chauhan (Coventry), Kapoor Chavda (London) and Arun Vithlani (Preston).

    Eshna – I did study under you Dad. The last time I saw him was when he came to Leicester. I took him round to meet other Taborians.

    Rashmi & Nayna – I do remember you both, you sister Chandrika was in the same class with me at Kazima.

    I would like to get in touch with fellow Taborians.

    Just a suggestion – how about having a photo gallery where we can post our pictures.

    • Eshna Patel Says:

      Hello Vinay,

      Thanks for ur posting, i think i remember dad telling me u were his guide to meet Tabora people in UK. My father passed in 2002 but his spriti will always be with us….. Thank you for remembering him…

      I have started Tabora/Uyui Secondary School group on facebook, if anyone is interested please come and join us… we have few pics and comments from different Tabora people…..

      Thank you,


      • uyui Says:

        Please if you have pictures of The Late Mwalimu Patel. Please sent it to me. His ex-students need it more than anything. With your permission we shall publish it.
        I am trying to find out a news letter that we published in 1981 at Uyui it was named SPARK. with Mr Yahaha and Muntu and others

    • Shobha Shukla Says:

      Hello Vinay, do you remember me?? I am sure you will. I was a good friend of Indu from Isevya when we were at H.R. Primary school. Where is she?? I do come to Leicester quite often as my Mum lives there.. I have met Kumud long time back in Leicester.

  6. Ben swai Says:

    here is the list of the players that was in our time.Ben swai,husseinkallovya{r.i.p}..juma iddy{juma ngee}r.i,p} abdalah jumaa..said kassongo “jemmybull” hashim mozzy…”major”R.I.P..Kiobya..onesmo..kamwanga…areff ..wwe were bad news in this game! peace be wit u all!

    • uyui Says:

      Ben we are intending to upload pictures and contacts of those who were in Tabora or any information they wish to apper. So You and others who are willing please dont hesitate.

      • Yassein Says:

        it will be so good if we guys can upload some pics…i have some pics here with me, when we were outside,while others were in the class…somewhere near Mzee amir(R.I.P).i was with Ramadhan Hamis( puma kunene),Issa Kibira,Ben swai & Hussein kalovya(R.I.P),other pic i was with Salum Stuwa & Mohsein sharrif.ummisetta pic with Ben swai,Hussein kalovya,Kiobya, and others from other school. got lot of them, i will be sharing with others when we can be able to upload them here..knowing, after seeing different pics, we will definitely cry for joy & of course good memories..!
        its too good to be Part of Uyui Sec school.
        wewe Ben, keep in touch..!!

      • uyui Says:

        Thanks for reminding us the old good days. Please sent the Pics to we shall upload them and share. It is very important.
        Thanks for the brilliant idea.

      • JB Says:


    • sadiki Says:

      Ben umenikumbusha mbali sana mimi naitwa sadiki kitwana nimemaliza na MAREHEM Jamal nasoro(mayol hotel) benedict jemsi na wengine wengi ila list uliyoitaja walikuwa wako mbele yetu hiyo ilikuwa 1992

  7. Ben swai Says:

    hallo i was astudent at uyui from 88 to 91 we were basketballers..we won for the first time against kipalapala seminary..I live in united states now..i remember eshna bein ayoung girl a shy of us..his dad mr patel was so very proud of us..i can go on and on..i love uyui missed the town one day will stopby when i visit tanzania!

    • Eshna Patel Says:

      Hello Ben,

      its nice to hear from u but im sorry i cant remember u… u r right, my father was always very proud of every student who achieved their goals and tried to reach and touch the highest point of their dreams….. become someone special… he always told us that Uyui was his dream come true….. Thank you and please do keep in touch…


    • Yassein Says:

      too bad,
      you even forgot me,am not in the list !! you even forget we brought u to the city side hospital…and u had “P.O.P” for few months hahah!daaamit!we were together, playing basketball with full forces..couldnt believe when i heard Hussein kalovya,Juma ngee,Major are all not with us…!
      may their soul rest IN PEACE. we were champion of all time!!i was so proud to be Uyuian,it was so nice..i missed the town more than i can talk about Eshna, my God! she was my classmate! i wish i could turn the hands of time..!haha!
      ben keep in touch..!

    • ben swai Says:

      hi,i am milambo wakulichombe(MORGANI) i was students at uyui from 87 to 90 iam with abdul abbas(UMBOPA),arnord mbaga,andrew kissenge(NYATA),mussa zuberi rehani maringo,ilumminatha gasper,tabu ibrahim,jamila daudi and faiza khan. i remember ben swai when i was took him from kipalapala seminar to kitete hosp with andrew kissenge car 504(GULUWE) after getting knee injury during the warm up before the game start.

    • JB Says:


  8. Nayna Bathia Says:

    Hi all Taborians. Jambo na habari gani wote wanainchi ya Tabora! This is Nayna Bathia from Tabora ex Uyui student. I would like to hear from ANY Taborians who knows me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Asante sana na kwaheri

    • uyui Says:

      Thanks Nayna
      Soon you will be connected to other members who studied at Uyui and or to those who either studies, worked or lived in Tabora.
      Thanks and keep in touch.

    • frank malisa Says:

      Hello I am frank Malisa a new student at uyui in these2016

  9. Rashmi Bathia Says:

    Hi everybody (that is whoever knows me!)

    I am Rashmi Bathia studied and worked in Uyui. I was working very closely with Khandubhai (few years as a young teacher and then as a Secretary). Just wanted to say hi to anyone who knows me. It would be nice to receive any sort of response. Thanks

    • Eshna Patel Says:

      Hello Rashmi,

      This is Eshna, Mr K.N.Patel’a daughter. how r u??? hope doing well… i remember u as my father’s secretary, he was very proud and happy for u… if u need to keep in touch with me please email me at and pass my regards to everyone…..
      take care…..

      • S.Rahman Says:

        Hello Eshna,
        By chance do you know Mr.Ata urvRahman Chemistry teacher in Tabora(from 1970 to 1975 India ).I think his school was Girls secondary school.Actually he used to mention one Patel family too.Since Tabora is a small place I think people from different schools must have met.I have some pics of his class and myself (around 2 yrs old)and the building is almost the same as you have posted as Uyui school.If you can just advice how to find information as my father is no more,he passed away in 2003.
        Thanks n regards

    • Shobha Shukla Says:

      Hi, Rashmi, How are you? I remember the Uyuyi days when we used to teach. In fact thats where I met Prabodh Shukla ( a teacher as well) and we have been married for now 34 years!! Do you remember Ramilla?? I did meet her in Toronto, Canada. Lets try to keep in touch once again!! Its never too late.. to begin.. I do think of all the Taborians many times…

      • Rashmi Bathia Says:

        Hi Shobha

        It is really nice to hear from you.

        It would be really nice to keep in touch, please let me know your e.mail address so that we can communicate on regular basis.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Sudhaunshu Joshi Says:

      Hi Ms. Rashmi,
      Don’t know if you remember me, but you were one of my best teachers at Uyui. Good to hear from you! Would love to get in touch with you. I currenty live in Maryland, U.S.A. Would love to hear back from you!

      • rashmi Says:

        Hi Sudhaunshu

        I am really flattered! Feelings are mutual – I would definitely like to hear from you too. If you can please write your contact details (preferably e.mail address). Hope to hear from you soon

  10. Eshna Says:

    Hello Uyui,

    im sorry to bother but i have a huge favor to ask for. i remember someone had told me when my father passed away his picture with info was put in newspaper, can anyone please either email me or tell me where i can find it as i want it as my keepsake. i have been tring very hard to find it for so long now but my bad luck for i could not find that newpaper. it will be very much appreciated by me ad my family if anyone can help me with getting that article. Thank you so very much for all the communication and helping me with this…


  11. Eshna Says:

    Hello Dinesh,

    Thank you but im sorry to inform you my father ( Mr Khundubhai Patel ) passed away in 2002 but my mother ( Savitaben Patel ) lives in Woodgreen, England. mum now enjoys watching others choreograph garbas and playing garba… Chirag my brother lives in Edmonton, England with his wife and 2 children. my mum would be excited to meet you, i will let her know you asked… thank you so much…


    • Anonymous Says:

      Hi Eshna
      as browsing came across your txt Dinesh and learnt that my Headmaster was your dad my Lord RIP,
      with big respect even the time when I left Uyui I had opportunity to be visiting him in Dar LAURENT school
      all my regards to your mom again your dad was our hero at uyui sec school feel free to drop me a line at

  12. Dinesh ( Batik )Chandarana Says:

    Eshna,I remember Mr,Khandubhai Patel.I studid under him.We were the First students when Uyui Secondary school was opened,And Mr K.G Patel was our teacher and than Khandubhai Patel Joined.I am retired now living in Luton,England.My younger brother Rajendra was a teacher in Uyui sec, school.It’s nice to hear about school and our dear town Tabora.Ashok Patel i remember you,Where about is Mr Khandubhai.I don’t remember his wife’s name she use to coriograph Garbas.If in future if you doing any get to gether please inform us.

    • Seema Chavda Says:

      Hi ….
      Rajendra was my teacher i left Tabora in 1976…….


        Hello sir Rajendra….fond memories of Biology classes..enjoyed them very much…you would be proud now of all the good work you did…regards

      • Priti Seta (Chandarana) Says:

        Hi Seema ,
        we were class mates:)
        Priti Chandarana

  13. Ashok Patel Says:

    If possible, please send me e-mail addresses of students from Uyui.

    • uyui Says:

      Thanks, a private message with e-mail adress will be send to you. I will however ask members their consent as a matter of courtesy

  14. Ashok Patel Says:

    Yes, I would like to get in touch with Eshna. I was born in Tabora and finished secondary school in Tabora.
    Yes, I know Kassu Bus Service and H R Patel. My late father Jayantibhai owned Auto Spares and Hardware and also oprated Opera house

    • uyui Says:

      Eshna has accepted and I will connect you and her.
      For all school mates who are willing their emails to be shared with ex student please let me know.

      • Shila Patel Says:

        I was born and grew up in Tabora in 50’s and 60’s. Was a student at HR primary school and then onto Uyui in the mid/late 60’s. Am really excited about getting in touch with some of the fellow students!

    • mohamed seif Says:

      are you a daughter of Mr Patel
      i remember you during our graduation in 1981

  15. Ashok Patel Says:

    Is Eshna Mr. Khandubhai Patel’s Daughter? I studied under him.

    • Eshna Says:

      Hello Ashok, this is Eshna. Im in Atlanta, GA USA. where r u? please give my regards to everyone… please keep in touch.


  16. Ashok Patel Says:

    I studies at Uyui 1965. My sister, Shila also studied there.
    Vinay, Kumud are in UK
    We all miss Tabora and are nor in USA.
    I would like to get in touch with other students from late 1960’s. Before we studies @ H R Primary School.

    • uyui Says:

      Ashok, Ms Esha is a Daughter of Mwalim K.R. Patel (R.I.P) and if you need to communicate I will ask her and provide with your e-mail then you can communicate.

      Thanks for reminding me the HR its know called Mwenge Primary School.
      Do you remember Kassu Bus Services and H. R. Patel?
      Uyui WordPress

      • Davinder Singh Ghatora Says:

        Hi Ashok, I remember you and your sister. Did your family have a harware shop in town? We were class mates, I have met Vinay and Kumud recently and would like to keep in touch.

    • dilip h.patel Says:

      hi to all ex uyuians lovely to read your comments hope you all remember me get in touch asap regards

    • Joseph Bizumo Says:

      i would love to talk to anyone related to mr patel

      • Sultan Says:

        Dear Joseph Bizumo, It is just a coincident into this web site and found very interested memories of UYUI SECO.
        are you Bizumo from 1982-85?. It is me Sultan. i can be contacted via

      • Anonymous Says:

        Kaka upo mujini?


    • Shobha Shukla Says:

      Hello, Ashok,
      I am sure you’ll remember me as we have been thru H.R. Primary school together for 8 yrs and then went to Kazima for 4 more years. Your sister Rekha and Kumud were my very good friends at that time. I do get your news from Ramilaben Rameshbhai whenever I meet her in Houston. Try to keep in touch!!
      Shobha Shukla(Pattni)


        Hi Shobha…although I anm much younger you must remember my Dad Kazima school teacher Panchal?love to hear from you

      • Alnoor Bharmal Says:

        Hi Shobha. Do you remember me. – I think we were in the same class at Kazima until 1968.

  17. uyui Says:

    A list of students will be sent to your private e-mail. Thanks, it can be done
    Uyui Word press

  18. Zenobia Walji Says:

    I went to Uyui for a year in 1984 and then moved to the United States. Would love to keep in touch with anyone that recognizes me.

  19. Eshna Patel Says:


    My name is Eshna Patel, I m Mr Patel’s daughter and i would like to keep in touch with Uyui student and faculty. Please email me anytime and any updates of school. I was a student as well in Uyui Secondary School for 4 years then came to America and now i m a Certified Medical assistant going to school for Bachelor’s in Nursing.

    My regards to everyone in Uyui Secondary school, alumni ( ex – students ) and Tabora city…



    • uyui Says:

      Eshna a separate email will be e-mailed to you soon so that we remind each other those old good days.
      Eshna do you remember the late Mwalimu Lukago and Lukala.
      Mama Malembo is still at Uyui.
      Uyui WordPress

      • Eshna Patel Says:

        I remember Malimu Lukala and Malimu Lukago too. What is Mama Malembo is doing these days? i was told many of the teachers from 89 and on had left. How is the school progressing? my dad always said Uyui was the best and his dream come true… do we have a new football or basketball team? i used to watch basketball from my house front porch, those fun and happy days….. do we still have our cafeteria? hhhmmm…. those delicious mitumwas…

        Please keep me in touch with school and its progress. Thank you for responding.


      • Nazir Says:

        I am an x student of uyui. Would like to keep in touch with lost freinds while growing up

    • Shobha Shukla Says:

      Hi Eshna, I was a teacher at Uyuyi School for 1yr or so.. when your dad was the headmaster. Your mum, Savitaben would remember me as my family (Pattni) and your family were very close and we used to live not very far from your house. In fact I have seen you when you were born..

      • Sudhaunshu Joshi Says:

        Hi Shobhaben, I was a student of your’s (and Prabodhbhai’s) during that year at Uyui. I just got in touch with Vimal. Hope you both are doing well. My regards to Prabodhbhai.

      • sunita patel Says:

        Hello shobha Shukla, it looks like you and I used to be friends in Kazima secondary school. I was friends with Anila, Chadrika, Aruna, Varsha. Your last name was Pattni . Most people called me Sumi then. You may remember my brothers Indra and Jaychandra. Please keep in touch if you are the same person.

    • Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed, Ottawa, Canada Says:

      Hi Ms Eshna Patel,
      My name is Abdulghany Mohamed. I was the late Mr Patel’s student at Uyui (1968-71). I was saddened to hear of his passing.
      I have some old photos with Mr Patel; I figured you might be interested to see them and perhaps share with others. Kindly let me know as to how I can send them to you.
      With kind regards,
      Dr. Abdulghany Mohamed

  20. Harshila Ratilal Says:

    hi, i am x student from uyui in 1980
    there is any re united ex students i want contact them.

    • uyui Says:

      Dear Harshila Ratital
      This is an attempt portal that we are trying to link and re-union that Dream Team and Students. We will however support any other initiative as and when they appear or established.
      We are esbtalishing those contacts but purely on individual willingness.
      Uyui WordPress.

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