Tabora Central Mosque that Lead by Great Personalities

It is not about the mosque per see but the kind of leadership in the central mosque. This Friday mosque has a great history of been headed by great personalities. Those include Sheikh Mzee wa Fereji (Senior); Sheikh Ally Abeid Moza; Sheikh Hamis Wampa, Sheikh Issa Mzee and Currently SheikH Shaban Salum. Despite commanding moral faith of thousands of believers, these leaders were not selfish. They took Leadership as the responsibility instead of opportunities for gains.It because of their stance we can today stand very firmly and bold to speak loudly through this web, that we are proud of such great personalities. When we look this mosque we don’t just see the image of the mosque but the great brain and wisdom that is behind being a symbol of unit of all times.



Magembe the “Bruce Lee” of Tabora

This is Magembe Maulid. If you were to ask any person who knew him during his studies at Uyui in 1980s one definetely answer would be ooh that man who likes Bruce Lee. Yes. This is Magembe who is now an adult and very responsible man, but one thing he still maintains is body strenghth through exercises and fitness. When you talk to him the very apparent thing he will advise you is health eating and doing exercises.

During his youth age, he used to follow what Bruce Lee did. to him Bruce was a model, when it comes to marshal arts. His affection to kung-fu and yoga made him a tutor to others. This was a nice thing because after classes, students were to go for sports that include footballs and other related such as volleyball and aerobics.

The lesson from Magembe which Uyui intents to share with you is, consistence and maintenance are important things for the identity and sucess of one’s undertakings. Happy new year Magembe and all members of Uyui.

Amazing arid Tabora that remained Green

Tabora has been the center for education since time in memorial. The beatiful picture you are viewing is one those colleges in Tabora. Despite some arid weather in some period of the year. Tabora managed to remain green as it is for the heart of its residents.

Tabora: Diamond Talkies Cinema Hall

This Building holds a unflushed memory of Tabora when it comes to Cinema. It was all about Diamond Talkies. One said the incharge of the Cinema was Mzee Prakash Mehta. For me I just remember the Mzee Makwaya who was at the Gate, a gate keeper and the Bubu who was an incharge of security. (A no non sense old man who was from uhuru Street at Chemchem).
It was at this Cinema hall that we developed intrest of watching movies. Good movies so to speak. At that time movies were like Mr India, Insaaf ki-pukar, Mother India, Amar Akbar Anthon, Gayaar, Adhnat se majboor, Andhar Kanoon, Mr Natwalrlar; Hum Tere Aashiq hain; Inspector Eagle; Manzil and more others. ((sorry for spelling just bear with me but just get the message) Thanks Tabora network for the picture. Were were you by the way during 1970s and 1980s.
The Good thing about Indian films of those days (am not sure with the contemporary films since am no longer watching more movies) was that highest level of creativities and innovations made in the scripts and movies themselves. today a lot of annimations and 3D computer works in the graphic which rendered me out of apetite.
Old movies from both continents were so cute try and get a copy and you at least appreate what am trying to deliver to you without intending to become boarisis. (Boarer)

Tabora: A semi aerial view

A semi aerial view of one Tabora street. The good thing is there is no traffic jam in this old town of Tabora. People used to walk and that has been good for their health. in other towns people are full of complaints on traffic jams. If you want fresh air and good people, good weather and honey just go to Tabora.

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Shailesh Patel of Uyui 1979-1982

One comrade that can easily be identified and spotted is Mr Shailesh Patel. He is the first from right with a hand inside a trouser pocket. Shailes studied at Uyui from 1979 to 1982 and since then he is there at Tabora at N’gambo. In the evening you will meet with him taking small exercises of walking. Shailes is the one of the Old Guard (Veteran of Tabora).


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